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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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The Hourglass 

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2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 

loke 2006 ^owglm 

Wilmington High School 

159 Church Street 

Wilmington, Massachusetts 

A Message to the Class of 2006 

/fhmMr, Tracf 

I am always amazed at how fast the years disappear. While I 
wasn't able to be with you for all four of your years at 
Wilmington High School, the two we did spend together contain 
tons of great memories. Looking back, try to mentally catalog 
your accomplishments at WHS, they will be a precursor to the 
great things you will do in the future. The road to the future is 
not only interesting, but it holds no bounds. Your choices and 
actions will help you to navigate the path. 

As you cross the threshold into the next part of your life, look 
beyond the stars, never sell yourself short and always take the 
time to do things for others. In life, talk is cheap. You will be 
judged more often than not by your actions. Money will never 
truly measure happiness or whether you meet with success. I 
hesitate to get academic, but I think Ralph Waldo Emerson 
found the right words in his verse "The Meaning of Success". 

To laugh often and much; 

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of 


To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal 

of false friends; 

To appreciate the beauty in nature and all that surrounds us; 

To seek out and nurture the best in others; 

To give the gift of yourself to others without the slightest thought 

of return, 

for it is in giving that we receive; 

To have accomplished a task, whether it be saving a lost soul, 

healing a sick child, writing a book, or risking your life for a 


To have celebrated and laughed with great joy and enthusiasm 

and sung with exaltation; 

To have hope even in times of despair, for as long as you have 

hope, you have life; 

To love and be loved; 

To be understood and to understand; 

With the advent of major technological advances, you all have 
the ability to walk the world. It is now a very small place. Take 
the opportunities to gain new knowledge and insight while 
pursuing your dreams and meeting new people. You are the 
only limit on the rest of your life. Dream, learn, live, love and do 
it all at 110 percent! Thank you for the lessons you have taught 
me. I will miss you all! 

■ V 


Dedication 4 

Senior Class History 5 

Senior Portraits 6 

Superlatives 56 

Junior Prom 2005 66 

Spirit Week 2005 70 

Faculty Portraits 80 

Junior Portraits 86 

Sophomore Portraits 92 

Freshmen Portraits 98 

Underclass Candids .... 104 

Sports 106 

Clubs 124 

Candids 132 

Yearbook Staff Page .... 145 
and Parent Pages 

Ms. Kassin has been crucial to our success as a class. For all of our events, she was always available 
to help and made planning much easier. She often thought of details that we hadn't considered, and 
it was reassuring to know that she was there to make sure everything went according to plan. The 
officers and I, along with the rest of the senior class, owe you and Mrs. Hooper a big thank you, 
because our high school experience would have been very different without you. We truly 
appreciate all of the effort you put in throughout our four years. 

- Richard Fudge, Class President 

Mrs. Hooper is not only a great teacher, but an awesome person. She cares very much for the senior 
class. She's always happy to listen to our suggestions and issues, and tries to help us as much as she 
can. Along with Ms. Kassin, she is one of the best advisors a class could ever have. 

- Conor Moroney, Class Vice President 

Ms. Kassin is someone that I have known since I was a freshmen. Throughout my four years as class 
treasurer Ms. Kassin has always been there with wonderful ideas, always willing to help, and giving 
us her time when we needed her. Starting the Mr. and Ms. WHS contest in our junior year, Ms. 
Kassin really stepped up because starting something new is hard, but she made it easy and fun. 
Without her or Mrs. Hooper, none of the activities and things that we have accomplished could 
have been possible. I've learned so much from Ms. Kassin and looking back on my high school 
career I know I'll never forget her. Thank you for all your help. 
- Nicole Savoia, Class Treasurer 

Mrs. Hooper has always been there for not only me, but for anybody else needing help. She is very 
attentive to the senior class' needs, and was always willing to lend her advice when necessary. 
Although I am new to the class office this year, she respected my word as if I had been there all four 
years. Thank you for everything you have done for us! 
- Andrew Fish, Class Secretary 


ntering the high school as 
lervous freshmen, we didn't 
anow what to expect for the next 
our years. The first thing our 
:lass did was elect class officers to 
■vork with our advisors, Ms. 
jCassin and Mrs. Hooper. 
\drienne Masiello was voted 
^resident; Megan Godding, the 
rice president; Nicole Savoia, the 
reasurer; and Krystal Beaudin, 
he secretary. It took some time to 
jet used to the high school; the 
vork was harder than in middle 
ichool, and everyone was bigger 
han us. The world around us 
eflected our uncertainty, with the 
lis- integration of the Columbia 
space shuttle and the start of the 
var in Iraq. Nevertheless, we 
ilowly adjusted. We joined sports 
tnd clubs, and became active 
nembers of the high school. 

Sophomore year arrived without 
my major changes at first. All 
our officers from freshman year 
yere reelected, and everyone 
Continued joining activities and 
vorking hard. On January 6, 2004, 
he high school and community 
ivere stunned and saddened by 
he loss of a respected student, 
ustin O'Neil. His sudden passing 
was mourned by everyone, and 
was a reminder of life's 
.unpredictability. The school had 
o work through its grief, 
however, and in the spring we 
:ook the MCAS exams. At the end 
)f the year, Mr. Woods retired as 
principal, and we welcomed Mr. 
Tracy as his replacement. 

\s high school progressed, we 
became busier. During the 
summer, many of us began our 

college searches. The year began 
on a high note when the Red Sox 
won the World Series for the first 
time since 1918. The class 
elections from the previous spring 
brought in three new officers for 
our junior year: Rick Fudge as 
president, Conor Moroney as vice 
president, and Dan Hall as 
secretary. Nicole Savoia remained 
treasurer. The Mr. and Ms. WHS 
contest was held for the first time, 
and Debbie Rooker and Joe Mayo 
became the event's first winners. 
In December, a series of tsunamis 
caused by an earthquake off the 
coast of Indonesia left a path of 
destruction all around the Indian 
Ocean, killing thousands of 
people and destroying their 
homes. Soon after, moods were 
lightened by another Patriots 
Superbowl win. Junior Prom was 
held April 8 at the Hillview 
Country Club. Katie Kaufman 
was crowned queen and Eric 
Svensson was crowned king, and 
it was an enjoyable night for all. 
Summer came soon after prom, 
and with summer's arrival, we 
were soon faced with our final 
year of high school. 

Adults always joke about high 
school being the best four years of 
their lives, and our four years 
were rapidly coming to a close. 
We could remember our first days 
as freshmen, and now we were 
seniors. Three class officers 
returned, joined by Andrew Fish 
as secretary. Just as we were 
returning to school, Hurricane 
Katrina slammed into the Gulf 
coast and left thousands dead or 
homeless. At the high school, 
however, life continued. 

Homecoming came and went, and 
Katelyn Roberts and Tom Barry 
became Mr. and Ms. WHS in the 
contest's second year. The Prom 
Fashion Show was held in 
January, followed by the 
Senior-Faculty Basketball Game in 
March. Senior Prom was held 
May 5 at the Danversport Yacht 
Club, and everyone had a great 
time. By this time, tl^ose of us 
going to college had chosen where 
we would be in just a few short 
months. The college search 
process had been stressful, but it 
had paid off. We had the lock-in, 
then graduation, and we were 
finished! We had survived high 
school and everything that goes 
along with it. While some of us 
were ready to leave and others 
wanted a bit more time, we all 
had to say goodbye. Many of our 
happiest memories were made 
while at Wilmington High School, 
and WHS had helped shape us 
into who we are. 
- Richard Fudge, President 

f Q 

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0*®!$ jot 


— * «■* ^ 

r ^ 


Senior Class Officers: (clockwise from from 
front left) Conor Moroney, Andrew Fish, 
Nicole Savoia, and Rick Fudge 

aM a 

BethBeth, Bethy, Betharoo 

Thanks Mom, Dad for all your support! To all my friends NG, AJ, AM, SR, TC, CP, 

CG, AJ: Thanks for all the fun times at prom, summer. Good Luck next year, Class 

of '06 "As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together and as our lives 




It's been a great four years at the high school. The memories and people I will neve 
forget. Thanks to my mom and dad and teachers such as Mr. Barry, Mrs. Tobin, 
Mrs. Newell. To all my friends, I'll miss ya. SS, MS, DD, JF, EP, AS, AH, KB, CD, 
| JW, EL, KT, AS, NP, MJ, MH, AO, MM, MF, AC, KW, PR(PJ), MO. 


MMkeb 'Auotettv 


Thank you to my family who has supported me throughout my life. I would also 

like to thank my friends for the great times that we have had over the years. Good 

luck to the Class of 2006 in the future. 

Beaudin, Beau 

Thanks Mom, Katie, Kelly, Kayla, Erik-unconditional love<3. <3 "We were your 
heart, and you were our armor." Daddy, forever my angel 12/13/04 <3. My 
beautiful friends- MG, JS, KS, AM, EF -memories are priceless and so are you. 
<3Shayne <3 violin, crew, Ireland, Prom. *2006* 

Mark Bernards 


t/lom, Dad, Keith-Thanks. Great times guys. MC, JC, ZU, DF, KB. Crazy winters. All 

the girls-good times. WHS LAX. Past few years were great, let's make the next few 

even better, guys. 

Alym Bdm 

Bib, Alys 

Thanks to my family, Mom, Dad, & Matt for everything. Love You. AM CB JC KF AP <3 

Don't know what I would have done without you! To all my friends, thanks for all the great 

memories! Bball and soccer girls, so many good times! Good Luck Class of 2006 with 



Lau, Bunk, Gremlin, Bonbonz 

Mom, Dad & Scott, thanks for everything & all of your support. Love all my friends, 
thanks for all the great memories, parties, Ireland '05, RIP Cavy, Katie-stick 2gether 
Janelle-Crazyhead Deb&Xtina-late nite & turn Sam-big mouths Amy-can always 
relate Kate-smiley faces! never 4get it <3 

Keith Brandaw 


I just wanna say thx to my family dad, mom, Kelly and my boyz JC, DF, MB, MC, 
ZU, RF We had a lot of good times, Derek & Krams house, Lowell Parties, nH 
nights and JR Prom. Good luck to everyone after HS, 6/25/05 

Time passes, people change, but memories never die* Love you Mom, Dad, Erik, & 

Pat. Thanks for all of your support. Love all my girls. Don't know what I would've 

done w/out you. Memories! parties, York, NH, My house, videos, whaat, that's 

hott! Good luck Class of '06. 

Krtm Bretfk 


First, Good Luck to the Class of 2006. To my friends, thank you for always being 
there, help me through it 7, band "We can face it together the way old friends do" 
Mom Dad Ryan thanks for everything over the years and Rich thank you for always 
believing in me. I love you! 

Diane Brvm 

Thanks to all of my friends for always being there for me! I am going to miss all of 

you! I love every single one of you! You all know who you are! I will never forget 

all of the fun times we have had over the years! Good luck in college! 

C&urtketf Brmne 


Thanks to my family, love you. AB AM AP KF JC <3 Couldn't have done anything 
w/out you girls. All the guys, everyone else, thanks for all the laughs and 
memories. I'll never forget soccer and Bball, so many good times, spirit weeks, 
dances, prom, everything else. Class of '06, it's been fun. 


Thanks Mom, Dad and Evan for being the best support a girl could have. I'll never 

forget the good times with my best friends! You all are amazing! My cheering girls: 

C-Unit, thank you all for the best season and the memories. Mike, I love you. 

Thanks for everything! <3 

Thanks to my parents for putting up w/ me! 02-06 never forget! RL LG AM KD SR 
DM LM MS PM Going to Snows especially with Lauren & Katelyn 3/19/04! Poodle 
Incident 2cs! Luccis! Strings Attached I love you guys and Mr. Dilmore. Ireland '05 
Live happily, love happily, Good Luck! 

AttfoA. Catraffl 

The Third 
Tard to believe my time at WHS is over. Thanks to my parents, Joe & Mark & my 3 
logs for your constant support. I couldn't have done it w/o you. And thanks to my 
ood friends for all the crazy times: NHD, flying pizza, civil war, ytmnd & MB. Best 

of luck Class of 2006! 

-- ' 

r moh Ccura 

B, B-Bri, B-Cai 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jen, Ang, and Mike. "A true friend is one who thinks you are 
a good egg even if you are half -cracked." Thanks Sully. Remember: Bball, baseball, 
RIC, SAC, SC President, M&M WHS. Forget: Kissin the Grill, hematoma, 0:00? 

Mickel Cafonia 

Catania, MC CAT 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Michelle, Jake for your support. Finally out of school :) Time to 

make $ The $$ BIG $ BUCKS$. JCuhnas everyday after school. Friday nights at D 

Flodins. Late nights at Krams. Chillen w/ Rizzo. Junior Prom. The Crew J Cuhna 

Kram KDB D Flodin Ungy 

No Photo 

Ariana Catim 

Hey to all my friends. Jackie is the best. Good times with friends. I am going to miss 
everyone. CLASS OF 2006 ROCKS! ! ! 

Catherine CeUt 

Katie, Kate, Celli 

Dad, Mom & Dave Love you Family is everything. SAM<3, Cara, Kara my 

bridesmaids. Laur guna stick w/u BFF Britty sisters always WB&BTC, Janelly it's u! 

Butta&Chili, DM&CL luv u! My Fantas, Vball girls-unit! <3 Luccis faves, 

Ireland &France, Strings Love my friends thanks 4 the memories !<3 

Alex Cfuilmer* 

Tanya Ctanti 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Tasha for all your help. Thanks to all my friends: CG, SR, 

AJ, CG, DC, AJ, BA, AM, CP, NG, DB, and anyone that I've forgot, for making the 

past 4 years the best! Never forget the Dances, Proms, Football games, lunches, and 

hanging out together. Good luck class of 2006. 


Nate, Spork 

Wrestling Lasertag Cardmagic Music Skateboarding "Enter through the narrow 
gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many 
enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and 
only a few will find it." Mt 7:13-14 



Tdean Cttftord 


Mom, Dad, Eric, Matt & Sammy I love you. Thanks for all your help & always being 
there. WHS cheering my #1 girls Nothing's Better than winning with your best 
friends, C-Unit, BTC, WB, Lucci's group, Scandalous Crew, *8-6-04* Class of 2006 
Good times and Good Luck - Lynchy 

TC, Old Wavy 

The past 4 years here have been great. There have been a lot of memorable 

moments. Braveheart tag during track and egg rolls during soccer. There are so 

many more things I could go on about but there just doesn't seem to be enough 


Jennifer Cvmer 


Mom Dad Mike & Stace-Thanks for everything. I love you. AP, KF, CB, AB, AM<3 
you girls I couldn't have done it without you. The Guys-Thanks for all the 
memories. Soccer and Track, so many good times. Never forget Proms, Sleepovers, 
dances and summer '05. Class of 2006, Best of Luck! 

Attym emit 


lanks Mom, Dad, Joe & Matt for always sticking by my side through the good and 

bad. My bests Dev&Nicole! So many awesome times! Thanks to all the cousins for 

being there! Also thanks to all my other friends for all the awesome times! 

Good-luck and congrats to the Class of 2006 

Krufa Cox 

Cox, Coxy, FoxyCoxy 

Mom, Dad, Matt and Meagan, thank you for all your love and support. I love you 
guys! Checo, so many good mems! you're my sis FOR LIFE! I don't know what I 
would do w/o you! "When I move u move" So many good times BFFHL! GOOD 
LUCK CLASS OF '06, we made it! 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, Andrew. All my friends: Luv u guys! Adrienne~so many 
memories, so many jokes: mooses, Paul, Fuzzy, grey skies, Ferg, Klippie, Margie 
College stuff, and so much more! Thanks for 4 great years, I'll miss you so much. 

Good luck everyone! We did it!! 


The Basement and everone/ everything that came with it. Roadtrips, shows, 
football, Best years of my life. 
Stay true to your convictions. 


■ ■: 


Magnificent's Fury-good times with friends, high school really did go by too fast. 

Mr. Cripps, Chip, Scanlon and his quotes-I'll miss everyone in college: BH, AC, TK, 

JK, NG, ES, BG, AM(stock), PR, MO, MR, MA, DD, RF, PR, AB, CB, KF, JC, JG, EL, 

SN, EM, AM, AP, NP, CS, -Lucci's and anything I forgot. 

Jtmatfm CuMn 




Jkwan, Cunha 

Thx 2 Mom, Dad, Rick for your support. My crew: KB, DF, MC, MB, ZU, RF. 6125. 

Lowell parties, fun times in NH. Krams & DFlos. So many mems. Ice & Hapes. KF 

<3, Thx 4 everything. Gonna miss HS, but its been real. Fball & Bball games; mad 

fun. Partyin was fun 4 the 4 years. PEACE! 


■Hi ■■■! HBEH4N 


1 1 *p , 

1 I ■:.■: 

S8fo C?#fiW 

Thanks to my family, friends, and Mike for being there loving and supporting me 
through everything! I love you soo much! You're the best! Good Luck Class of 2006! 

ChriMna LePiaw 

Chrissy, Gina 

\s you travel through life, your dreams will guide you, determination will get you 

there, knowledge will assist you, and love will provide the best scenery of all." 

Thanks to my mother and family for their love and support and to my best friend 


No Photo 


That was fun. 

Jmph ldi,Mare 

Joe D, Diddy, Dizzle, JD-Money 

Mom, Dad, Rachelle can't live without family. To all the people that have been 

there and will be there, thanks. AO BG MP JK KB JC RT SP. Make the good times 

great, fires, pre-gaming, reflectors, road trips and car rides, to the one force that 

makes everything else obsolete, DMD 


Thank-you Dad, Mom, Leah, & Dylan for always believing in me & sticking by my 
side through everything! Ally my best! We've had some amazing times! I can't wait 
to start college with you by my side!! To all my other friends never forget the good 
times! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2006 

Sttam Idofierfy 

Deuce, Dave 

To my friends: Thank you for always being there for me, you're a second family. 

Kristen: you'll always be a part of me. Good luck to all. 

Thanks to everyone for all the support. Thanks to everyone I know for all the fun 
times. Never forget: Fidz's class, both years, fun in Kinney's class, Randall's class, 
work study, and all the people who played WWP per. 4. Good luck to the people 

stuck here four more years. 

Stiftim F. DmnA 

Downs, Stev-o, The "Franchise" 

Thanks to my mom, dad, and Dereck for always being there. Good times at Mint's 
with Mutta, Saps, Herra, Murda, Mac, Fields, RO, T-dub. Never forget WHS 
football, #1, 2004 CAL Champs. Love you Jessie, thanks for everything. 




Mom & Dad-Thank you for everything; I love you / Lala&Thomas-I love you / 

Soccer Team-aka: my 2nd family / To all my friends~It has been great - Never 

forget you - Stay real - & Stay a Wildcat / CLASS OF 2006-143 

Scotty, Dunnett 

I just want to say thanks to everyone that helped me get through the (long, 
sometimes boring, but well worth it) last 4 years of high school. It's now time to 
move on to bigger and better things. Good luck to all my good friends. Keep in 
touch. Never forget, CLASS OF 2006 

Krttta hurkee 

Turkee, Krita 

Thanks to my family for all your love and support. To all my friends, so many 

iwesome memories! Jess, I don't know what I'd do w/o you! To my Flot, ya about 

lat I'll neva 4get Strings, Ireland, prom, & the best summas! "Love u mean it neva 

change" Good luck seniors '06! 




At first, four years seemed like a long time, but looking back now, it seems like the 
first day of high school was just here. Thanks to my friends and family for helping 
me grow and succeed. 





Karla, Kuc, Kucie 

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. My friends... irreplaceable. I love you guys. 
WHS Girls Soccer 02-05. CAL Champs '03 &04! Spring Soccer! <3 MH. Class of 
2006- "Wherever you go, go with all your heart!" 

CjfnJtM Etfremera 


Mom Dad- biggest thx go out to you for pushing me and giving me more than any 

hija could've asked for Jen my guardian angel Mika always inspired me Strings 

Friends LB thx for all the mems! Class 06 Reach for the moon, if you don't make it, 

at least you'll be among the stars. 


Thanks to my family for your support. Em, wouldn't be me if it wasn't for you-can't 
be replaced-bff . KBNZ, wagoning-us 4 always love you! field hockey bonding, 
homecoming 05 & prom! "we'll be miles apart I'll keep you deep inside, you're 
always my heart" 2006 good luck 

MlcfiaelT. Fay 


Thanks Mom, Dad and Sean for all of the help you have given me. Good times with 

my friends and family. Good luck to everyone in the Class of 06. 


Truly great friends are impossible to forget... DKL. "Be who you are and say what 
you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.' 
Best of luck Class of 2006. 


vm h^h 


SENIORS '06! Good luck to all my friends next year, never forget all the good times 

these past four years. 

No Photo 



Thank you Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Greg. Thank you for everything. Friday nights 
chilling at Spice's house with the guys. Parties at Downs' house and late nights at 
Mutta's. Good times and great memories with all my friends. Good luck to all you 
guys in the future. 

It's hard to sum up high school in a few lines, but I guess I side with the majority 
rhen it comes the extreme excitement I feel about leaving this small town for bigger 

and better things. 
"The future freaks me out." 

Andrew FiAfa 



Awesome times here at WHS with my friends-both new and old ones — and I'm sure 
there are many more good times to come! Good luck to all my friends in the years to 
come, and have fun in life. These are the best years of our lives! 

I can't believe how quickly these 4 years have gone by. I want to thank my parents, 
sisters, teachers, and friends 4 making HS such a positive experience 4 me. So many 
memories that I'll cherish 4eva, especially all the laughs w MC! Haha driving skool 

& Fuzzy 's class! 


Jen, Blondie, Knaks 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Ryan and Aunt Cathy for all your support. To all my friends 

thank you for everything never change! Never forget: Colorguard, Football games, 

JR Prom 2005, Washington D.C. and all the great memories! Good luck Class of 


DDR, NCAA Football 2004, laser tag, ESPN NFL 2K5, my love Karen, my friends, 

food, Mountain Dew, wonderful, pure spring water, rock and roll, my money, 

bouncy ball tennis, UNLV vs. South Carolina rivalry, peaches, apples, cake, double 

Q's and pretty pinkish-purple penguins. 


Thanks to Mom Dad Kristin & Kathryn for always believing in me. And to my girls, 
JC, CB, AP, AM, AB. Thanks for being there for me & all the great memories, craz^j 
car rides, & dance parties. Good times with The Group. Love you all. Good Luck 
Class of '06! 

Erica Leigh Fnz&l 

Friz, ELF 

Thanks2 Mom, Dad, Kirsten. JSmyC nic4Life. My Guys&Girls I love all of you. 

Remember: sum 04, parties, shed, JrProm, H.P., Hotels, DriveN®, FroshYr, StayN 

Out til Mornin, apartmt, ScandelousCrew. 4Get Drama, Fights, FakePpl. Keep the 

Pics They Don't Change, Only the Ppl in Them Do 

Rick, Fudge 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Meg, and Jill-I am who I am because of you. I hope the good 

memories of friends, sports, and clubs last forever. Class of 2006 - good luck! 

Weird is how I wish to be, 
To stare in oblivious wonder... 
Many are they who would die to see, 
What my mind does uncover. 

Marcedine Gardner 

My life has changed and though I am 
happy, I can't wait for my next change. 

I raise my glass to my Father 
for all he has done for me. 

Brian Garret 

Garrett, Gary, X, Xavier 

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Can't forget the crew, Hape, Trulli, Pots, and 

Fay, KAT, T-Mielz, Rasty, Aucy, Al, Griff, Body and my sloppy mess Jill. Thanks for 


Kimfier^Jane GeM 

Kim, Kimba, Kimmie 

Thanks Mom, Dad & Al for all your support! Never forget the soccer, tennis and 

Strings girls along with all the laughs & great times! My friends-Love you all! 

BM-BFF ~ KBNS ~ "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also 

dream; not only plan, but also believe." 


Cynthia Gl6 6m 

Mom thanks for everything and all of your support. I <3 u! Also want to thank all 
my friends for the fun times throughout the years. Carol, thanks for always being 

there for me. I'll always remember the 2 concerts! I<3 u! 

Good Luck Class of '06! 



WHS: EZ, CP, AM, CG, AJ, TB, SR, NG, TC, AJ, BA, MG. Chorus & English 
Parados! Jesse concert. TECH: Erin, DMC, RD, FP, VB, KM, JR. Summer '04, Fred] 
parties, sleepovers, 2 AM raindance. FAMILY: Mom, Dad (51701), Rich, Tim, Katil 
Ashley (Tree), & the rest. 

Thanks to mom, dad, em, joey, & chicken love you... The Fab Five *KP-BF4L *HS-the 
space ship * AL-Bacon * AW-Anika..And even though the moment passed me by, I 

still can't turn away SENIORS '06 <3 you all. 


Megan G&ddiM§> 

Meg, MeggiG, Claud, Meag 

Thank u 2 my Family. I LOVE YOU! So many friendships I will always cherish! 

V-BALL! "There R places I remember all my life tho some have change some 4ever 

not 4 better some have gone & some remain All these places had their moments In 

my life I've love them all..." 


Cartrim Gm 

Carol, Muffin, Cawoll 

Mom, Dad, Kelly thanks for everything! I love you guys so much! To my true 

friends, there aren't enough words I could say to express what you mean to me 

TLY<. Choir was so fun! Cyn- Matchbook&Dashboard! "No Matter How Far I Go, 

My Heart Remains With You" - AJ, CG, BB, SR :>Ash BFFIx: 

TWidM. Gri§njr. 


Thanks to all of my family and friends. Lots of good times; 4 good season with the 

hockey team; Lacrosse Club-first season-could have been better. Remember the 

Sunday riding and Saturday night snowboarding. Thanks again to everyone who 


Nic&fc Gmm 

Groomy, Groomalicious, Groom 
Tiank you Mom, Dad, and Mrs. Mahoney for always being there for me. To all my 
Juris out there, I LOVE YOU GUYS and will never forget the 9's Homecoming, etc. 
ood Luck Class of 2006. Always reach for the stars and never accept anything less. 



Gustin, Gustav 

I want to thank my parents and family for always being there for me and 
supporting me. Also the group, best friends I could've asked for and always the best 
times. Everyone I ever knew meant so damn much to me. Thanks for everything 
and everything to come. I'll cya lata. 

Jltom N. GwziMki 


lorn, Dad & Joel- Thanks for all you do, love you. my friends- love you with all my 
eart. "When memories fade we've got eachother." V-Ball & Spring Soccer girls- <3 
'ou all. Class of 2006- "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life 

you have imagined" 



Thank you so much Mom, Dad & Jared for always believing in me! I love you! 
friends you guys rock! BL, AR, KB, JH, MK Good Times! Arrgh Band, DC, Bedflips 
Pwince Eric, "Boys of Summer" BD Barbie (EW). Going to NY with PVS! Jr Prom 
not my date. Help Me Through It!7 

Michael Haeper* 

Hape, Hapes, Hapey 

Mom, Dad, Katie, Steven, Thank you for guiding me through 12 years of school. 

Love you always. To my boys, Ice, Garrett, Trulli, and Pots Great Times. See you 

guys soon. <3 KE! To the three J.V.'s RIP You were the bravest people I knew. 

"Every man dies, not every man really lives." 

■■?:■;■: .:■;■■■■■')'/■■ -a,: ■ .-y;-:-;- 1 '. ■:■:■■.■■;■:,. ■:■■ pfvv.^i '.; ■ 'W ■ 


DH, Donny, Trick, DHall 

Congrats! You have completed one step in the journey of life. HS was fun, but life is I 
waiting. Wrestling, ACADec, Chess and Debate. X-Country too. CC, SO, MM, ST, 
MS, KR, BM, LM, NP, KB. The basement, Prom, and Pizza? Every Man is Guilty of j 
the Good he could have Done. 


Jess, Hammy-Ham, Jess Ham 

Thanks to my family for all their support! My friends-you know who you 

are- thanks for the memories I can keep forever. Field hockey-DANCE PARTY! Love 

you girls! Band -you all are the best! Theater-great times backstage! Love you, 

Kevin. Good luck '06, we made it! 

BrlMnf Marie Ham^n 

Dad, Mom, Kerry and Jess, Love You. To all my friends thanks for everything. 
KBNZ, Magnificent' s Fury, Study Groups, Lucci's People. I'll miss all the faces I 
won't see in the halls anymore. "Don't let your life pass you by weep not for the 
memories" Thank you Class of 2006 


■■■■■B ' ■ 

Caztik Harrtoyfim 

To all my friends: I love you and will miss you. Remember the good times not the 

rama. Never Forget: AP Woodworking, the Bruce mobile, Target, Chemistry, Potty 

Time Elmo, Mac and Tosh, storytime at lunch, Rufus, and Finding Nemo. The 

seamonkey still has my money. 

Ktutto Mane Hartka 

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me over the year. There are endless 
memories with so many friends that will stick with me forever. Dave thanks for 
being such an important part of my life. Good luck to everyone in the future. 

Michael Hayek 

Mike, Willie Mays, Hayes 

hanks to my friends and teachers that made these 4 years full with good memories. 

had some good times and some things I will never forget. Thanks Mom, Dad, Rob, 

Kate for your support. Abu Graven, Abu Gurab same thing right NH, MM, DT, JH, 

Just 1 out of a million memories I can fit. 

JfflephD. Herra 


Thanks mom dad Mike & Sam for your support. Football 1-4, 04 CAL Champs, 
Basketball 1-4, Crazy Parties at Downs' Friday nights over Mints, Late night at 
Fields, Camp-out in the barn, Wildwood parking lot, 50 yard line, Lastly thanks to 
my friends for everything & Good Luck. 

Richard Hemwjr. 

Dickie, Hersom, Rich, Ooly 

I can't believe it's over already! Thanks to all of my friends for always being there! 

Jon, it's impossible to write about only one memory! College isn't ready for us! 

Mom & Dad, I would never have gone this far without you! Nana and Bampi, 

Dumma & Papa- 1 love you! *MP* 


Shelf, Nellie, C-baby 

Thank you Mom, Papa, Christie & Sarah for always being there. All my friends, 
you're what I live for, "I love you and that's all that matters." Laura, Best Friends 
for eternity, 13 years & counting! RIP JAO, You're my shooting star* Remember: 
Frosh year, GBs, Parties, Ireland '05 & FANTA! J.R. <3 

Mafotito Hv§an, 

Kfira HurreK 


Mom, Dad, May; Thanks for everything! I'm so happy to be leaving this place! Katie 
& Sam you girls are beautiful & I love both Good times, Exeter Elms & Florida! 
France & Ireland *F ANT AS Kate, Doob, Lau, Nellz * Rob I love you more than 
anything 12/8/02 XOXO! ! 

IRN, Colonel 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Britt for helping me; hanging out with my friends and 

driving around because there was nothing to do; playing pond hockey and ice 

hockey, #6, Plaza, summer 05, hhhecyy, and to my friends for being there no matter 

what, un 

Amanda Lanejaefa&ft 

Amanda (2), Jackson, AJ 

Congratulations Class of 2006. We finally did it! Mom, I wouldn't be here if it 
wasn't for you. Thank you so much Mom, Jennifer, and Amy. To my biffles Beth, 
Caitlin, Amandal, Rufo, and Groomy. So many crazy times. Lunch at 99s, 
Sleepovas, and Boston. I love you, Gurls! 




Thanks to my family & friends for helping me get through these years. I'll miss all 
of my friends and all our memories. I love all my friends and their good tymes we 
had. 10th grade, Apt-Jenns house, Summa 04, Cape Cod, Plumb Island, Parties, 
Class of 2006 

Tony, TK 

'. want to thank my mom and dad for everything they have done for me. Thanks to 

all those who made soccer and track such a good time. Many memories with my 

friends, it's been fun and I will never forget you all. Peace... 

Kfifclfyft Amanda tQiu^nan 

Truly great friends are impossible to forget... DKL-I will never forget all the good 
times! "Who knows what could happen do what you do just keep on laughing. 
Good luck and best wishes, Class of 2006! 

Michael Ktwanau§h 


Thanks to my family for sticking with me through High School. Thanks to 

!rescenzo for breaking my collarbone Nicole Martel is awesome. Kinney's class '03 

UnT vs GP Good games. 

Jvnatfum KeHtf 


Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the support you've given me. I couldn't have 
done it without you. Thanks to all of my friends who made high school as good as it 
can get, you know who you are. Great memories and hopefully many more to come. 

Matthew Jtmn K^ 

Matt, Matty K., Matty King 

Here's to everything. I will always remember the good times and try to forget the 

bad. Thank you Mom and John for always pushing me to do my best. Thank you to 

all my friends, you guys are amazing I wouldn't know what to do without you. Best 

of luck to all. I miss you Dad. 

Adam KMtredge 

Alex Kitttredge 


It's been a great 4 years. I want to thank my family for being there for me, especially 

my senior year. Good times at parties, in Boston, chillin wid tha guys. Shout outs to 

KP, AA, KT, NF, SV, CK, SM, LS, CD, WD, and anyone else I forgot. Regrets: 

8.30.04, slackin 


Thanks to all of my friends and family that have helped me to succeed in high 

school. I wish everyone the best of luck and always "Go big or go home." 

': . . 8 


Jacqueline Suzette LaFleur 

Jackie, Jack 

Vly senior year went by very fast. I will miss both friends and teachers. Without the 

help of both, I was unsure if it was possible. Friends: Rachel Weeden, Ariana 

Catino, Gina D'Amico. Teachers: Ms. Stolzel and Mrs. Beaudet. 

I will miss everyone A - A 

Matthew Lawie 


Tiank you Mom, Dawn, & Brian for everything you've done for me - 1 love you. <3 
My friends- "It's always better when we're together." Volleyball Chicks- Love you 
always. To the Class of 2006, "Take what you can from your dreams. Make them as 

real as anything." -DMB 

Arrf Marie Lentlni 


Mom, Dad, Carlton & Phil, ILY! *KMR* since '97 baby! *BGR* 4-25-03, been thru it 
all <3ILY. KBYE girls & the WU boys, amazing memz! *AW* Sisters by Heart, *RG* 
My bacon <3 KP, HS, JC, RH. FH&SB girls! My Lucci Faves! Class of '06 <3 you all! 
Omara= Life. Cyaaaa 

Jennifer iMrn 

Mom, Dad, Billy love you so much. Thanks for all you've done. My friends, love 
you so much, don't know what I'd do without you! Never forget, summertime, 
lalloween '03, N.H., Cape Cod, Parties at my house, Prom '05, so many more! *JAO 

my first friend here, always love you RIP 




Thanks to all the people who have helped me along the way. I love you Mom and 
Dad. Dan, thanks for standing by me. To all my friends, I love you, keep in touch! 
We do not remember the days; we remember moments. Good luck everyone! 

Brtana C. bvcke 

Bree, Breekat <3 

Thanks Mom, Dad, & Mikayla for everything. To my best, thanks for all the great 

memories. ARRGBAND!, Camp '00-'05, HELP ME THROUGH IT!7, PB crackers, 

skitrips, D.C., BDB, Summer '05, Cabinl3& so many more. Dance girls- IMY. 

Somethings are just to hard to forget. Good Luck '06! 

Amanda Luce 

Megan Luce 


I am nothing special just a common girl w/ common thoughts & I've led a common 
life. There r no monuments dedicated 2 me & my name will soon b forgotten*but in 
1 respect i have succeeded as gloriously as anyl whos eva lived*Fve loved anotha 
w/all my <3&soul&2 me this has always been enuff-Seniors*2006* Thanks Mom 4 
everything <3JP<3 :) 



I thank Alyse for growing up with me and Lauren for getting along with me. Try 
not to forget-senior year because it will never come back. Concerts, adventures, 

pictures, and the hatred of Lauren McDonagh. 



■ ■ 




Sean MaeP/mm 


They're right when they say high school flies by, I remember walking through the 
front door freshman year and thinking it would never end. But it was over in no 
time and was the best four years of my life. 


Thanks Mom Dad Colleen & Pat for everything. [Wildcat Dream, Redneck Yacht 

Club GEL, FFP, SG, Friends] <3 "And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall, 

Growing up too fast and I do recall wishing time would stop right in it's tracks" 

Good Luck '06. Love, Erin 

J&natkm Maimrvn 

Jennifer Mat& 

Jenn, Hen 

Thanks to my mom and all my friends, I wouldn't be here without you guys! High 
school went by so fast, I can't believe it's almost over! So many memories! Keep in 

touch and good luck to everyone! Class of '06!! 


Nichvlctt TvddManwfilll 


Friday nights with my Boyz Mutta - Dizowns - Saps - RO - Toubb - Murda (Chuck) 

Tobinski - Mac - Herra - Ziggy - Hapes - Fields 

-Love you Debbie~ 

#54 20-3 2004 CAL Champs 

PIA! Best Mom Ever 


I want to thank my family: Mom, Dad, Katie, and Kevin. Thanks to everyone who 

made these last four years memorable. 



I just can't believe it's already over. Thank you to all of my friends for all of the 
amazing and unforgettable memories! Also, thank you to my mom, dad, Jen, and 
Ashley... I couldn't have done it without you! WHS Cheering - ily gilrs! C-Unit!! 

BrlMtf Renee Maiwtt 

Beemah, Britti 

Thank you family for allowing me to be who I am. Love 2 make ya smile. Kim & 

Jon-BFF ~ KBNS ~ I'll never forget the memories with all you awesome people - 

Good Luck to all who I won't be seeing in the halls anymore! Miss&Love You! 

...It's been fabulous. 

Matthew /Warden, 


It's hard to believe it's over. Great times with my friends. AF, WN, MR, CM, NH, 
SS, BS. Midnight rides, prom parties. Thanks to my football team, 2004 CAL 
Champs. WHS Band, Florida trip was sick. BS, RH, DR, MM, DK. Special thanks tci 
AS, AF, CH, JF, JH for always being there. Good Luck 



Nicete MarM 

rhanks to my family for everything! Shall always there. To my friends I don't know 

vhat I'd do w/out you! My best girls whaaat? yea about that. You mean so much to 

me ILY! Kbn2 always. Never forget games, proms, parties, summers & Abdi 

obviously! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '06! 






HI 1 







Sri* *■' T ' 

5tofc* Martin 

Adnem Mmlto 


4om Dad & Fam Thanks4 all uve done-AlwaysRemember-Crazy nights w/Friends 

Soccer girls<3 u*MTOC VballBus Kels basement Aucy's party Abacus Hampton 

ASHLEE concert Fball games PROMS MCdances HobDewCon trio Beau=mysis 

Ncole ptnr in crime 92902 Drew <3 Thanks4Everything 143 

R&mldS. Matfrvpieirv 


Thanks Mom&Dad for all the support you have given me. Never Forget: Friday 
Nights, Wilmington games, Parties at Jenn's house, Mondi's football parties, Chillin 
with my boys...ZW, AJ, MW, AM, GU-money, Beanz, SD, SB, AC, MH, Bozo, and 
DD. I will never forget Mrs. Blodgett for the support. 

Ice, Ziggy 
Thanks to my family, Friday night games, #24 Football, To my boys: Illurt, Pots, 
lapes, Fay LaX Never forget you guys My man RT Put it best, "Everybody's thirsty 
for that cash" Am I right tho? "Get busy livin or get busy dyin" Got that right. 


Kftfhken Elizabeth McBrim 

KT-Cakes, K-unit, KTMCB 

^SENIORS 2006*1116 best mems R the ones u cant remember w/ the friends u can't 
4get! 2my friends&family: Thx4 the love&support! John: I love u so much 812&816 
41ife 6flags Danny Chris&Mike my Angels "Save 2night fight the break of dawn 
cause 2morrow I'll be gone" Class of '06-PeaceOut! 

Lauren McT)&na§h 

To those who have mattered most. Here's to pointless drama we won't remember 

anyway, the concerts that have stolen my hearing, and every stupid, little adventure 

that began with the words "Hey, I'm bored. Wanna do something?" 


JamebM. MeGmm 


Thanks to all my family & friends. Wattup to all my boys, you know who you are. 
All the parties and chillin. Good times at Shaynoes, Dorts, and Mints. All the B 
cruises and "Chillin Chillin" Good luck to everyone and keep the good times rollin' 

Jaquefine Melt 

Jackie, Mel, Jello 

Mom&Dad-Thanx for teaching me whats important in life. True friends- 1 couldn't 

have made it w/out you. #10. Cpt Winter&Spring Track. Remember- Proms, Joshs 

Fiesta, "Uke!" 12*21*02, New Years, BrPng/Cards, Fball Games. RIP DRAMA! 2006- 

"We may never pass this way again." 


Tom, T, T-Mielz 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Christina, and all my friends and family for your support. 

Great times in basketball, baseball, and cross country. Never forget those Friday 

night football games. Taking with me amazing memories. "Never live in the past, 

but always learn from it." 

Amanda MiM 

My high school career is ending and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 
ones that were always there for me. To my family, thanks for listening to me and 
guiding me. To my friends, thanks for making the bad days good and the good days 
great. Good luck everyone! 

Dem Miller 

Thanks to my family and friends. Awesome 4 years. Amanda, don't even know 
vhere to begin... so many laughs. I'm always gonna be here for you. Zack, I couldn't 
ask for more. Thanks for the unforgettable memories. It's been real... 

Alexander Marc M&nMlfo 

Alex, Al, Monty 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support! Great times for the 4 years of Baseball & 
Golf. To all my friends, thanks for the memories and the good times. Class of 2006! 
Great year! Good luck to all my friends. "Live for Today!" 


Thank you to family and friends and also to Ms. O'Mara and Mrs. Shack and Ms. 




Jadtfn M&ran 


To my family and friends thank you for everything. I love you. CP I don't know 
what I would've done without you <3 FH - who needs a record? my copilot, tping, 
get-togethers. I love you girls. Class of '06 thanks for the memories. Laugh freely, J 
smile often, live happily... 

C&wr SeamuA Mvrvney 

Mad Dog, The CM, Mr. Sample 

Seniors '06, Thanks to my family for being there for me, Football. Great times 

Track-Shot Put! Drama- Guys and Dolls, Word to all my homies mad for real. O 

Pdy? Ya Rly? No Wai!! Family Guy. Well that's my momma 

Lauren Diane Murfi/f 

*Murph*, *Lau* 

Mom Dad Dev Kerry &Jim I love you Thanku 4 always supportin me Thanks 2 all 
my friends especially *KhApBm* Sean <3 o baby i love your ways *LoveU* 
Remember all the good times <3** Chorus /SoundScape w/my best girls<3 p.4 
study* MC boys*Halloween05*Hampton 04/05* Good Luck 

Matthew Murpff 

Murphy, Murphdawg 

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me be successful. Hey to all my friends. We had 

some good times. Fourth period Physics was the best! Good luck to everyone in 

Class of 2006! 

H Meagkin Murpff 

I'd like to thank my Mom, 

my Mom, Dad, & Julie for the support. Cassie & Lau, never forget 
all the fun we had over the years! "Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your 
heart, is the only way for destiny." Good Luck, Class of 2006! 



Sean Murpff 

Big Man, Mom, Krista, Mike, Shannon - Thank you. Football, Basketball, Baseball. 

Good luck to all my friends. Nights at Mint's, Downs', Fields'. 

Atcta Murray 

\ xv^Pi \i\\ 


Thanks to my family and friends for always being there for me! You guys are the 
best. ABCBKFJCAP<3. You girls are awesome! Guys and everyone else, thanks for 
the great memories! Good times at prom, soccer, bball, and track *Good luck Class 
of 2006!* 


Jam Murray 

rhanks to my parents and everyone else who supported me. Thanks to my friends, 
to who I wish nothing but the best. Hopefully, I'll look back someday and see high 
chool simply as a stepping stone along the way. For now, I'm going to look only to 

what lies ahead in life. 

No Photo 

Amanda MaryMurree 


Manda, Amanda. ..(1), Murree 

I can't say thank you enough to my family & friends! I love you Mom, Dad, Tim, & 
Dylan. True Best Friends are impossible to find, difficult to leave and impossible to 
forget! -Caitleen Paz, Amanda... (2), Betharoo, Rufo, & Groomy! I'll never forget 
you! Good Luck Class of 06 

Thanks mom and dad for putting up with me. Friday nights at Mints. MS NM SD 
JH SM SM RO TW MF JM TB SD. Andy, Joe, Danny thanks. BM thanks for being 

there. 1/6/04 Always remembered. 

y lift i i j>tmtVti 





■ ., . 

■ ' 

Anuinda Ntik&fo 

Wtflum P. Niman 

Willy P. Niemz 

Times have come and gone. All which are left in the dark. The light shines on the 

road ahead. We cannot look back only forward. So I offer you this, learn from the 

past and keep your friends cause in the end they'll be all you'll have. 


"To the nights we felt alive" 

Mom, Dad, Dana&Mr. Melhado-Thank you for your support*My friends 
NOTHING COMPARES"! love you~so many crazy times~summer *prom* Jen's 
house... &so many more *<3 Steve~You helped me through what I thought was 
impossible ~ i admire your strength * thank you <3 1 love you* 

David 06 fan 

Sami, Samwise 

Bad pic, I usually look better. High School just flew by. Track XC, Acabeca, Strings 
trips. BCNOFNe AlSiPsClAr. Never forget the fast times and ups & downs. Look 
for me in a few years when I've achieved some degree of fame. Good luck and besl 
wishes for Class of 2006! 


Fym O&irm 


would like to thank my family: Mom, Dad, and Pete for all their help. Thanks to all 

3f my friends for all of the good times: Friday night at Spice's Bendas at Downzie's, 

Fields' tent, chillin at Shayno's w/ the hootmix and all of the other great times... 




.."Vi I I ' ■*" »■*■ 



Matthew 06m 


I just want to say thanks to my family and friends for helping me all throughout 

these 4 years. I will never forget times at track with Cripps and all the guys, parties, 

hanging out summer/weekends, and whatnot. Goodluck Class of 2006: you'll need 


Andrew OtWic 

rhanks to my Mom, Dad, and yes even Casey. To all of my friends. Awesome times 
and a lot of memories. Jr/Sr Prom were amazing times! CAL Champs 04-05. As for 

Class of 2006 good luck! 
5 Andy 5 

Checo!, Cheeks!, Pacheco, Liz 

Thanks to all my family, especially Steph for helping me out so much. I love you 
guys! Kristen, so many good mems! Ur my sis FOR LIFE! I don't know what I 
would do w/o you! "When I move u move" BFF4L! So many good times. Best of 
Luck, Senior Class of '06. 

Stephanie Parker 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and 
eave a trail." I will always treasure the memories my friends, especially my Strings 
girls, have given me. Matt, I love you and thank you for being the best guy a girl 

could ask for. 



CaiMn Pazdztorkv 

To my parents-thanks for all the love and support, I wouldn't be where I am today 
without you. To my friends-Murree, Jackson, Ananian, Rufo, Gillis, Joyce, Gormley, 
and Groomy...this whole experience wouldn't have been the same without you 
guys! Good luck Class of '06! 


Most of all thanks to my family-Mom-Dad-Steve and also thanks to my true friends 

for all the unforgettable times - KA(KD) - Braps - JMAC - Brady - Dort - Derek - RO 

- Brick - JW - RR - sorry to any forgotten - Good times - all the spots - hockey - 

proms - New Years - Krystal <3-RIP-WB-JO-JP-PEACE 

Mattkw P/iaufi 



Thanks Mom, Dad, Chryssy, Drew&family for always supporting me. My friends: 

your amazing, luvu4ever, thanks for everything!! Never forget all the memories: 

summer car rides&trips, HSsports&spring soccer, sleepovers, prom, & everything 

else. Good luck Class of 2006! <3 

Stephen Prtener 

Pots, SP 

My Boy RT once told me my success will astonish everyone. I think he got it from a 
fortune cookie. I'm going to keep that in mind. I want to thank my family, Mom, 
Dad, Leah, Nicole, and my friends, Trulli, Ice, Hapes, Fay, Garrett, Sully <3 Amber 



Brian Prezm 

Prez, BP 

Fun times at Science and Debate Club. Never forget my friends: ST, DH, SO, MM, 

md all the rest of ya! Great times at Senior vs Faculty Volleyball game. Best wishes 

to our class in college! 

Nadia PrtnztmM 


Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lorena for all your support. KBN2 best times with you girls 

<3 Never forget: sledding. Soccer girls, I love you all. Seniors '06 Good Luck! 


My fam-Mom, Dad, Ry, TJ-ILY. Never forget: half day crew, summer nights, tents, 
snow days, trips to Dunkins, phto, hot tubs, the van, Wakefield lake, Boston, clubs. 
-BYE girls *RG*HS* AL*AW* Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, 

and impossible to forget. PEACE! 

High School is over and instead of looking back on the past 4 years, I'd rather look 
ahead to the amazing years that are about to come. I am so ready! Thank you so 
much Mama. Good luck in high school Megan! I love you both more than 
imaginable. CLASS OF 2006! YAY! <3 

RlMMto FfanM Fernandez 

Kikiwawa, Riky-Tiky-Ramos 

tanks mom and dad for giving me life, thanks WHS for giving me knowledge, and 

thanks Armando, Gabriel, Xavier, Hector, and friends for helping me hone and 

aster my video game skills! Live long and prosper Class of 2006- FFS, La-Elite, The 

F-Tripod, and Smash Bros 4ever! 







Pet&r Mark RMBltki 


Thanks to my family and friends. All those years all those memories I will never 

forget; Friday night football games, basketball, and baseball. Class of 2006 it's been 


Megkm Reard&n 

Thanks! To my Mom, Dad, family and friends. I'll never forget all of the fun times 
and memories that we had: Prom 05, Apt., Parties, NH w/ J.L. & J.M., Halloween 
03, Maine w/ L.T. & J.L., Cape Cod & Plumlsland w/ E.J. &J.L., & so many more 

that I'll always remember! Good Luck '06 

Thank you Mom & Dad for everything. Also thanks to all my friends. We have had 

so many great memories. Don't forget them, because I won't. I am going to miss 

everyone so much. Never change because you guys are all awesome. Always stay in 

touch. Class of 2006. 

Kttittyi Rvierto 


Thank you Mom&Dad for always being there. Thank you Tash&Beck for being 
amazing sisters & best friends. Never forget the good times with all my friends, 
field hockey, & Softball girls! Mike, I love you! Thanks for being so supportive. 
Class of 2006, good luck & thanks for the memory. 



— — — — 


XC(SMITTY) / Winter Track, Spring Track-The Honeybun Practice, Insanity in Civil 

War, Losing at Poker, Red Sox and Pats Championships, Geometry, KINNEY, 

Tmielz, Fogs, E-man, TK, Kline, Egg Roll, Aldo, DH, Chalmers, Tower's insanity, 

everyone else, Thanks to my family... 

Matthew R&fitimtt 



Wow, I can't believe it's over! I'll never forget all my friends and all the good times 
we've had. I hope we'll all have great times in college and the rest of our lives. Go 
WHS Track! I love you Steph, thanks for always being there for me! I love you Dad, 
always with me. 

DeSra Rwker 

Thanks Mom, Dad, & Lis for everything. Sarah, you've been a sister to me & always 
will be my bff. Jackie, you crack me up! Thanks for always being there. Love you 
both. Nick, love you! My friends, the best! You only live once, so make the most of 


*4^ Rw 

pinecone, it will amuse me." -The Family Guy 


I want to thank my family for their support. To all my friends, you guys are 

iwesome AW, MP, CS, BG, JC. I also want to thank Make 28 for being the best band 

that I have played with. It has been a great time in High School. Good luck 



Sarah Rufa 

Rufo, Rufinator, Ruf(e)o 

Thanks Mom, Dad, & siblings. CP, AJ, BA, AJ, CG, CG, NG, TC, AM. I wouldn't be 
anywhere wihtout all you guys. SR Prom 06 awesome. Me &AJ Captains of drama 
squad. My obsession with romance novels. Seniors '06 are the best. Good luck to 
everyone of 2006!!!:) DISNEY ROCKS! 

Matthew Ru$$erv 

Rugg, Matt 

I want to thank my family for everything. To my friends - Always awesome times. 

Amanda - Thanks for always being there for me. Good luck to everyone - CLASS 

OF 2006 

Phillip Rum 


Thank you: Mom, Dad, Natalie, Jacob, Sydnee, and Jordan for always bemg there 
for me over the past four years. To all my friends, thanks for the great memories. 
Class of 2006 - A new chapter of our lives is beginning, be safe, be smart, be 


Twinkle Toes! 

Thanks to my family and friends for everything. Krita I wouldn't be me w/out you. 

Lau-ren some good memories! Kerry you're the best hang in there. Adrienne 12 yrs 

and still going! Good luck to all my friends and good luck Class of '06 

JatM N&c&lt SanMw 

Thanks Mom, Grammy, and Papa for always being there. Friends thanks for all the 
good times and memories. Strings girls, you guys are amazing! Never forget 
Ireland. "Life is only as good as the memories we make." 



hanks Mom, Dad&Chris for all your support! EF&KB unconditional love! My girls 
:hat stayed true lov ya and My Boys irreplaceable, I'll never forget our crazy times! 
hanks for always bein there! Scandalous crew, summer 04, JR Prom, Appt, Parties! 

JAO you're my shooting star* *2006* 


Finally Graduation! Thank you Mom and Dad Jess and Nicole. Mr. Barry thank you 
for getting me out of here. Katelyn thank you for all the support <3 Never forget the 
memories: Friday night at Spice's, football games and Downsy's parties. Class of 
2006, Best times of my life. 

Uiurm Sartirm 

Truly great friends are impossible to forget... DKL. "Every new beginning comes 

from som other beginning's end." Good Luck Class of 2006! 


Nikki, Nic Nac, Fatty 

Mum & Dad thanks for giving me the world. Vinny not only r u my brother you're 
my best friend. Dotsy 11/9/03 Love You <3. Guard JS SS 143. Age my best, KBNS 
143. Girls amazing mems Kels basement-Disney-DC -band camp-proms- Ashlee 
concert. Good Luck '06! 




Bill, Billy, Wild Bill 

Thank you to my family and friends for all the support! Fun times at Hockey, 

playing cards, water skiing, and boating during the summer. 


Camndra R. SeoAer 


It's over! It went so fast! Thanks for everything! I don't think I would be as far as I 
am now if it wasn't for my family Mom, Dad, Dana, Justin, John, and Christina 
Spracklin and Steven Ventre love you guys. Get high on life of course, remember 
there is always tomorrow 

ScvW Sferrazza 

I want to thank my mom, dad, Paul, Jennifer for their support. Also thanks to my 

friends for the memories I'll never forget: Prom field trips breakfast before school. I 

wish everyone good luck in the future, and good luck to the upcoming classes. 

"Y hope you find everything you've been dreamin' of. Only good things, no 
inbetweens, just peace and love." Thank you for everything. 


Samantfai Sftetifon 

K0^ Slrkk 

Much thanks to my Grandmother, my Mom and Dad for always being by my side 
through good times&bad times. Never forget the fun times with friends, JR prom, & [ 
football wins. Seniors'06; the best is yet to come. Never forget to do your best, that's 
what I learned at WHS! ~*CLASS '06*~ 



Diane Smith 

Thanks Ma, Da, Tommy, Matt & Charlene for all your love and support! My best 

friends Mary, Kristen & Elizabeth, thanks for all the wonderful memories! I'll 

always remember prom, homecoming, spirit week, strings, Ireland, & summer! 

Good luck Class of 2006!! 

till Mil? 


Nerdsy, Hil 

Thanks Mom, Amelia, Auntie, Nana & Papa for your everlasting love & support. 
Fab 5 girls, you will always be my pretty people. The van, summer nights & life in 
the wu town-unforgettable. I love you all. KBYE! Lastly, Adam. Thanks for bring so 
much light to my life. 


To Mom and Dad, Maria, Maggie, and Frankie Thanks for everything. To all of my 

friends thanks for the good times and memories. After four hard and fun years, 

we've finally reached graduation. Good luck to all my classmates whatever path 

you may choose. PUNT TEAM ASSEMBLE! 

Stephanie SIMM 


Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Eric, Justin, & Josh, I love you guys! Al I couldn't 
have done it without you, crazy times over the years. Keep in touch everyone and 
goodluck with all that you do. 

Jaque^n St&keb 


To Mom, Dad, and all my family, I love you & thank you for all your support. To all 

my friends* I love you all so much! We've made these last 4 years unforgettable, 

with so many memories we can't replace! We did it! And by the end of the night, 

we'll wish this never ends* 




I just want to thank my friends and family for everything. 

Kfithlew Strazzere 

Kat, Kitty 

Mom, Dad, Steff, Kim, &Jill thanks for always putting up with me. MG, KB, BC, KE, 

JG, Boz, Siamz, Rich, Murph Dig, JH, MF, RO, SD, SM, MS, TW always. Girls 

soccer*Slacker Nation* Scandalous Crew* Maureen L. Xavier. DF2. FNS-.Lucci's 



Thanks Mom&Dad for all you've done. And my friends I don't know what I'd do i 
without you, I'm gonna miss you all! Remember all our good times & not the 
drama. You can close your eyes to reality but not to the memories. I'm always hers 
4 you, don't EVER forget that. Good luck & keep in touch! 

Brian SiSwrn 

Thanks to my family, Mom, Dad, Mary, and friends, Caira, Trulli, Pots, Ice, Hapes, 
KDB. Soccer guys good times, Bball games, the gym, Tahoe. Good luck Class of '06. 

Derek StMmn * 

Gustave, GU 

To my family, Mom Dad, Ashley, Christie, Jenna, always been there for me. To my 
boys, Braps, Brady, Dort, Shayno, JMac, and Ding. To all the parties, and the 
memories, prom, high school was a great time. Good luck to everyone. 





Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. All the good times at track and the trip to 

France and Madrid. Good luck Class of 2k6! 

Sarah Sjffrta 

KpfuM Adam Tamtim 

Chuck, Ace, Tank 
These are the best days of our lives. 

Sarah Tertoga 

The Fisherman 

Mom, Dad, JJ, & Matt-Thank you for being the amazing family that u are, I love u 
w/ all my heart. My crazy friends-u hold my best memories. Deb-unconditional 
love, don't ever change. Strings girls-simply the best. KBNS-we are forever. "Live 
w/ no excuses & love w/ no regrets" 

Daniel Patrick TcSto 

Tobin, Tobinski, Tobano 
Thanks Mom&Dad for your support over the years. Friday night football games, 
•riday nights at Mint's Parties at Downs', I'll never forget my hockey season's some 
of the best years of my life #12, Prom's, parties, good times with my friends, Good 

Luck to all my friends. 




Stephen Tewer 


For better or worse, these were four years of my life I will never forget. Things to 
remember: Ms. Ross' English, Hackett's US Gov, Mr. Carr's Civil War, the Goblet, 
the Pizza Incident, Model UN, Pereira's basement. Best Friends: Dan Hall, CP, NI 
CC, DY, ND, BW, NC. 

Laura Tranyhete 

First I want to thank my favorite person in the world, my Mom & my best friend. I 
LOVE U! Thank u Nick & Doug Luv ya both! Dad my hero, you still have a huge 
influence on me. Janelle*Jenn*Jackie*EJ.MR.KHJNJS.CS.KM.MUAH!! Ugly Janelle 

BF4L* Richie my other half ILOVEYOU.. XOXO 

Ryan TrtM 


I got a fortune cookie once. It read, "The Best Times of Your Life Have Not Yet Been 
Lived." I'm going to keep that in mind. I want to thank my family; my parents and 
all my brothers: Dennis, Pots, Fay, D-Lo, Mayo, BF, Haepers, and Sully. I love you 1 
all. Oh and Garrett. 

Zachary Unyvartky 

Thanks to my family & friends. Over the years we've all had our moments but 

somethings never change and never will. MTOC. Another thanks to my true friends 

and my sweetheart Devin, You're amazing & unforgettable. Couldn't have done it 

without your support Seniors '06 

Kerry Marie Vefoza 

Thanx dad for always sticking by my side. I love you. Thanx to my sister for always 
bein somel I can count on. To all my friends I Love Yas. To the few tru- Thanks 4 
everything. Neva 4get the crazi Parties. So many fun times & memories. Good Luck 
w/ everything SENIORS '06! 




For better or worse, these were four years of my life I will never forget. Things to 
remember: Ms. Ross' English, Hackett's US Gov, Mr. Carr's Civil War, the Goblet, 
the Pizza Incident, Model UN, Pereira's basement. Best Friends: Dan Hall, CP, NP, 
CC, DY, ND, BW, NC. 

Laura TrangfM 

First I want to thank my favorite person in the world, my Mom & my best friend. I 
LOVE U! Thank u Nick & Doug Luv ya both! Dad my hero, you still have a huge 
influence on me. Janelle*Jenn*Jackie*EJ.MR.KH.JN.TS.CS.KM.MUAH!! Ugly Janelle 

BF4L* Richie my other half ILOVEYOU..XOXO 



I got a fortune cookie once. It read, "The Best Times of Your Life Have Not Yet Bed 
Lived." I'm going to keep that in mind. I want to thank my family; my parents and 
all my brothers: Dennis, Pots, Fay, D-Lo, Mayo, BF, Haepers, and Sully. I love youi 
all. Oh and Garrett. 


r an 

Thanks to my family & friends. Over the years we've all had our moments but 

somethings never change and never will. MTOC. Another thanks to my true friends 

and my sweetheart Devin, You're amazing & unforgettable. Couldn't have done it 

without your support Seniors '06 

Kerry Marie Vefaza 

Thanx dad for always sticking by my side. I love you. Thanx to my sister for alwa 
bein somel I can count on. To all my friends I Love Yas. To the few tru- Thanks 4 
everything. Neva 4get the crazi Parties. So many fun times & memories. Good Lu 
w/ everything SENIORS '06! 

SWen Ventre 


Its over it took a long time and a lot of frustration but the Real Deal is me leaving 

I this place YAH I want to get out of here as fast as possible but because its been part 

of me for four years I'd like to thank my Mom Pops and of course Cassie for 

straightening me out love y'all C YAH in the future. 

EvmN. WaM 

E-man, EEEE 

Thanks to my family. Goodtimes with my friends: Taco Face man, Citadel Camp, 
Lasertag, and everything else. Hopefully everyone has a good life. My favorite TV 
show is Whose Line Is It Anyway. Bouncy ball tennis, DDR, USC vs UNLV rivalry. 

Amier Wantiek 

Ambs, Slamber 
Thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Stefani for supporting me. To my 
friends-KL&EM-The Fab Five*AL-Wifey*RG*KP*HS&JC&RH&DR*SP<3. Thewu- 
Strings Attached-viogrls CALchamps spring soccer-SlackerNation-Class2006 "Some 
say we were never meant to grow up. I'm sure they never knew enough." 

Meredith Welch 

Dith, Merry 

To my friends-those who have graduated, those who will in the future, and 
especially those who graduate with me-you have no idea how much you've helped 
me. Thank you for always being there. I'll never forget you. "My life is better left to 
chance/I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance." 

Brm Wi&m 

You only have one life, live it well. 




Steptieft Tdwer 


For better or worse, these were four years of my life I will never forget. Things to 
remember: Ms. Ross' English, Hackett's US Gov, Mr. Carr's Civil War, the Goblet, 
the Pizza Incident, Model UN, Pereira's basement. Best Friends: Dan Hall, CP, NP, 
CC, DY, ND, BW, NC. 

Laura Trance 

First I want to thank my favorite person in the world, my Mom & my best friend. I 
LOVE U! Thank u Nick & Doug Luv ya both! Dad my hero, you still have a huge 
influence on me. Janelle*Jenn*Jackie*EJ.MR.KHJN.JS.CS.KM.MUAH!! Ugly Janelle 

BF4L* Richie my other half ILOVEYOU.. XOXO 



I got a fortune cookie once. It read, "The Best Times of Your Life Have Not Yet Been 
Lived." I'm going to keep that in mind. I want to thank my family; my parents and 
all my brothers: Dennis, Pots, Fay, D-Lo, Mayo, BF, Haepers, and Sully. I love you J 
all. Oh and Garrett. 


Thanks to my family & friends. Over the years we've all had our moments but 

somethings never change and never will. MTOC. Another thanks to my true friends 

and my sweetheart Devin, You're amazing & unforgettable. Couldn't have done it 

without your support Seniors '06 

Kerry Marie Vefoza 

Thanx dad for always sticking by my side. I love you. Thanx to my sister for always 
bein somel I can count on. To all my friends I Love Yas. To the few tru- Thanks 4 
everything. Neva 4get the crazi Parties. So many fun times & memories. Good Luck 
w/ everything SENIORS '06! 


Stem Venire 

Its over it took a long time and a lot of frustration but the Real Deal is me leaving 
this place YAH I want to get out of here as fast as possible but because its been part 
of me for four years I'd like to thank my Mom Pops and of course Cassie for 

straightening me out love y'all C YAH in the future. 

EmN. WaM 

E-man, EEEE 

Thanks to my family. Goodtimes with my friends: Taco Face man, Citadel Camp, 
Lasertag, and everything else. Hopefully everyone has a good life. My favorite TV 
show is Whose Line Is It Anyway. Bouncy ball tennis, DDR, USC vs UNLV rivalry. 

Amber Wamick 

Ambs, Slamber 

Thanks to my Mom, Dad, and Stefani for supporting me. To my 

friends-KL&EM-The Fab Five*AL-Wifey*RG*KP*HS&JC&RH&DR*SP<3. Thewu- 

Strings Attached-viogrls CALchamps spring soccer-SlackerNation-Class2006 "Some 

say we were never meant to grow up. I'm sure they never knew enough." 

Meredith Welch 

Dith, Merry 

To my friends-those who have graduated, those who will in the future, and 
especially those who graduate with me-you have no idea how much you've helped 
me. Thank you for always being there. I'll never forget you. "My life is better left to 
chance/I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance." 

Brian WLfon 

You only have one life, live it well. 

Ear WSsi ' 


Mary Ekzdeth Wvrtttingfim 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Maureen, & Michelle for always being there. Thanks Diane 
Brit for everything. I'll never forget homecoming, spiritweek, Quebc & Ireland. If 
always remember STRINGS & the summer. Good luck Class of 2006!! 

ftanifo yamanwtfr 

Shout out to all my friends. Best four years of my life. Unt vs GP fun times. Jeah! 

Let's get it! 

Jeffrey yvmgelam 

The Body 

I want to thank my family for all their support and my friends for all the memories 

I will never forget the fun times during golf and baseball. Good luck Class of '06! 

Em, Emi, Bebe 
Thank you mom, dad, Mira, & everyone else who has supported me through this 
long journey. Thanks to my friends, and forget me not. Most of all thank to Ruud 
for loving me unconditionally. "To the world you may be no one, but to someone 

you are the world." Love you all! XOXO 


Britt, Zoltan, B 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Tiff for all your support over the years! Thanks to my 
friends, SG, and all the FH, tennis and wildcat dream girls, it's been a great 4 years. 
Good Luck to everyone next year. "I know it wasn't perfect, but I hope we can 
laugh and say it was worth it." 





No Photo 


Jaime Bagrowski, Christopher DeFinis, Mark Ferrara, Sean Flynn, Michael Hudson, 
Ashleigh Joyce, Collette Kately, Richard Kenney, Sean MacSweeney, Paul Ritson Jr., 
Nicole Roderick, Timothy Ryan, Rachel Weeden, and Silas Williams 









aB G MB B 

The 2nd Annual Mr. and Ms. WHS 
Competition was held in the high school 
auditorium on Wednesday, November 16, 
2005. Competing for the title of Mr. WHS 
were Sophomore Tom Barry and Freshman 
Ken Vassallo. Senior Katelyn Roberts, 
Junior Brianne Bozzella, and Sophomore 
Jessica Crowley competed for the title of 
Ms. WHS. 

After completing four rounds (including a 
talent event, an interview session, a school 
spirit display, and a skit), the judges 
crowned Tom Barry as Mr. WHS and 
Katelyn Roberts as Ms. WHS for the 
2005-2006 school year! 


Meet Athlati 

Alyssa Bibe^ 
and Sean Murph 

Sherilyn Roi 
and Stephen Tower 


: ■ ■ ■ . w ; ■ 

Past Smi 













The Class of 2006 attended its Junior 
Prom on April 8, 2005 at the Hillview 
Country Club in North Reading, MA. 




Prom King and Queen (left): Eric Svensson and Katelyn 
Kaufman - Prom Court (below): Matt Robinson, Steve Downs, 
Katelyn Kaufman, Eric Svensson, Alex Montalto, Tom Miele, 
Erin Lloyd, Janelle Hodge, Megan Godding, Kristina* 

*% A A - 

A A A A 

A A A A. 

, A A 'A A 
A' A" A A 
A A A A 

A A A A. 

* A"A A <■* 

A A ' A A 
v A ' A A '' / 
A A A A 
S A A. A • 
A' A A 
v A A ' 
A A A 

> • 



A A A A 

jk A A A. /* 

A A A A 
v A A A ■> 

A A At A 


IBV 1 


uniof P 







■ .' ■ ..;'.':■■.■■ ' . ■.■ : ■ : '■:■■' j ■ ■■ ■ .■ 




■ . ■■..'■ ■'■>■■ :-'- : . .:■■■■ ■■■■, ■;. -7 ■:-:■..■ y 

filing dance was held at 
Wilmington High School on October 14, 2005 

Homecoming King and Queen (left): Steve Downs and Brittany 
Marcou - Homecoming Court (below): Adrienne Masiello, Erin 
Lloyd, Alyssa Bibeau, Brittany Marcou, Steve Downs, Nicole 
Savoia, Megan Godding, Alyse Sullivan, Brian Caira, Tom Miele, 
Sean Murphy, Mike Saporito, Andrew Fish, Rick Fudge 




I ^^»- 


1 ***:* 




* .^m 


^ K -%- M 


'V' | 





Senior Day - Pajama Day - Army Day 
Class Dress-Up Day - Blue and White 

Boston has always been known for its 
intensity regarding group activities. 
Wilmington is no exception. We give 
into a madness come that special time we 
call "Spirit Week." Without a doubt, the 
seniors are the most exuberant when it 
comes time, however all classes take part. 

Pajama Day saw little difference in some 

wardrobes, and mostly your general 
flannel pants/shirt combos. Army Day 
was most celebrated by the unique 
Stephen Tower; however, the whole 
school showed their colors. Dress-Up 
Day was unique to each class. The 
Freshmen had a Hawaiian theme, the 
Sophomores had movies, the Juniors had 
cowboy/western, and the Seniors had 


j^H^I^ "m <r» H 

I ft A ^f J^Lm^^>Xv 

C 111 i /-'W N N» 

LXi ftS Mb i i i 


Hmi AU 





l<>. ■ 








Dress-Up Day was easily the craziest of 
the four days with the exception of Blue & 
White day. Whether it was four bananas 
strolling down the halls or the justice 
league protecting our humble school, 
people went all out. There were, of 
course, the classics-your nurse, your 
police officer-but the Class of 2006 
managed to put an, interesting spin on 
even the most classic of costumes. 

Blue and White Day has its own special 
brand of insanity. Almost everyone wears 
some form of blue or white, and most 
people go so far as to paint their face and 
even to glue, tape, or add otherwise 
miscellaneous attachments to their bodies 
or clothing. Whether it be feathers, tights, 
or simply a Wildcats shirt, everyone does 
something with spirit. 


mBUmm mmmmmmmsmmmm m^mB 

|H in W V 



Eric Tracy 

Stephen Lynch 
Assistant Principal 

Michael Nee 
Assistant Principal 

Mary Lou McManus 

Frank Orlando 
Guidance CTL 

Claire Hitschler 



Barbara Bishop 

Laura Caggiano 

Maureen Lynch 

Joseph Kleponis 

John Lewis 

Lisa Lucia 

Maura Lynch 

Cynthia Tsoukalas 

Stoddard Melhadc 

Tammy Ross 


Tara Lavigne 

Linda Peters 
Math CTL 

iversMy School 

Gayle Masse 

Brian Carr 
Social Studies CTL 

No Photo 

Virginia Blodgett 

Antoinette Iacobo 

JoAnn Jacobson 

Thomas Kenney 

Lauren Moran 

Richard Rowe 

Susan Smith 

,„-;-V-*""*«« = 


Nancy Goldman 

Matthew Hackett 

Michael Jones 

ichael Kinney Christopher Randall 

Kevin Riley 

Mark Staffier 

Maura Tucker 



Mary Sullivan 

Tracey Kassin 



Dennis Heenan 
Special Education CTL 

Judy Beaudet 

Deborah Stoelzel 

Eleanor Blake 

Patricia Tobin 

Andrea Wickwire 

Elizabeth Garniss 

Kristen Decker 

Maria Agnatovech Charles McCauley 

Michael Barry 

Jodi MacKenzie 

Kathryn Zaitz 

Kristen Robbat 

Mary Mahoney 

Doreen Crowe 

Kimberly Donovan 

Susan Rowe 








Anthony Fiore 

Deborah Fitzpatrick Linda Fitzpatrick 

Nelson McLaren 

' Ann Claire 

Food Services 

Sarah Cosman 

Frank Kelley 

William McAlduff Joanne Benton 

Superintendent Asst. Superintendent 













Brian Abbott 

Kenneth Adams 

Katie Arsenault 

Krysten Augello 

Christopher Azevedo 

Amanda Baker 

David Ballou 

Danielle Bamberg 

Nicholas Barrasso 

Michael Barry 

Richard Barry 

Michael Bartlett 

Steven Beek 

Jesse Belding 

Gregory Bell 

Erika Belsky 
Kara Berg 
Sean Bernardo 
Jonathan Bishop 
Hannah Blaisdell 

Joshua Bodah 

Kyle Borseti 

George Boudreau 

Brianne Bozzella 

Alyssa Bradley 

Nicole Bradley 

Shiloh Bramantecohen 

Ryan Brander 

Scott Bransfield 

Daniel Breslin 

Caitlin Bresnahan 

Zachary Broman 

Ashley Bruno 

Samantha Canning 

Kayla Capachietti 

Colleen Carey 

Kayla Cargill 

Deirdre Carroll 

Erin Carter 

Christine Cassim 

Kevin Cavanaugh 
Daphney Chin 
Danielle Chirichiello 
Jonathan Chirichiello 
Zachary Church 

Zachary Ciampa 
Jennelle Ciulla 
Emily Clapp 
Douglas Clifford 
Ryan Clifford 

Irvin Co 

Bradley Colegrove 
Kerri Convery 
Thomas Coughlin 
Shannell Courtois 

Meghan Cranford 
Kimberly Cremens 
Stephen Crowe 
Caitlin Crowley 
Stephen Cruz 

Eric Cummings 
Ginamarie D'Amico 
Christopher Dancoe 
Leah Delrossi 
Brendan DeMango 

Cassie Doherty 
Ryan Dooley 
James Downs III 
Nicholas Duggan 
Katlyn Duncan 

Amanda Dunnett 
Daniel Evans 
Jason Evans 
Shawn Fahey 
Alicia Faulkner 

Sylvia Faustino 
Richard Ferullo 
Shane Foley 
Monica Folk 
Christina Giardina 

istopher Giardina 
Danielle Giordano 
Joshua Giroux 
Chelsea Gish 
Michael Golden 

Dereck Griffin 

Joshua Griffin 

Clifton Hall 

Alyssa Hanley 

David Hanson 

Jessica Harrington 

Gabrielle Hauray 

Lauren Heenan 

Kristi Heffernan 

Jamie Hoyt 

Robert Hupper 

Cassandra Hurley 

Christina Iaguinto 

Nicholas Ippolito 

Tara Jabour 

Christopher Jeannette 

Cara Jenkins 

Michael Johnson 

Ryan Jones 

Bryan Kelley 

Kaitlyn Kerins 
Glenn Ken- 
Natasha Khan 
Anthony Khim 
Stephanie Knoettner 

Kimberly Koerber 

Stephen Krakofsky 

Kelsey Kusa 

Serge Kuzmin 

Alana Lacey 

Michael Larffarello 

Eric Legro 

Chayuth Lertpibulkij 

Adam Levine 

istin Liberacki 


^ ^ 


t: : 

mil Ilk 

m '* 

*■ ■ 



John Lippiello 
Samantha Little 
Mikayla Locke 
William Long IV 
Ryan Loring 

Christina Luciano 
Samantha MacDougall 
Sheldon Maga III 
Katelyn Maggio 
Brianna Maglio 

Kaley Maguire 
Robert Mahoney 
Kayla Malone 
Jill Manganelli 
Albert Marfleet 

Christine Marques 
Kevin Martin 
Taryn Martiniello 
Megan Martins 
Joshua Mayo 

Katelyn McFeeters 
Patrick McGarry 
Katelyn McGrath 
Tara McNabb 
Vanessa Medeiros 

Kyle Mendelson 
Nathan Mercer 
Philip Minghella 
Jillian Miranda 
Alexander Mooney 

Deborah Morel 
Brittany Mulrenan 
Lee Nason 
Kathryn Nelson 
Emily O'Donoghue 

John Olivere 
Tara Osgood 
Courtney Parsons 
Justin Patel 
Daniel Patterson 

Matthew Pennie 

Cecelia Pettigrew 

Katelyn Phaup 

Arianna Picardi 

Michael Pickett 

Christie Presz 

David Rak 

Danielle Robarge 

Eric Russo 

Leah Schneider 

Brittany Schofield 

Patrick Schultz 

Vincent See 

Jason Serino 

Harris Shaikh 

Brendan Sheehan 

Steven Shibilia 

Alysha Sicari 

aniel Silva 

a Silverio 

Kimberly Silvia 

Shane Simbeck 

Jeremiah Smith 

Margaret Sorrentino 

Stephen Sousa 

■■■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■■' ■■■'. 

Michelle St Aubin 

Justin Steeves 

Gregory Stewart 

Michael Stewart 

Amanda Stone 

Katelyn Sullivan 

Richard Sullivan 

David Sweet 

Sarah Tavares 

Samantha Taylor 

Amber Thibodeau 

Michael Thomas 

Nanako Tsukamoto 

Nicholas Underwood 

Pradheep Vemula 

LeeJoy Villafuerte 
Ashley Vitale 
Jared Waite 
Angela Wang 
Timothy Waterman 

Kirk Wayshville 
Jessica Welch 
Amanda Weymouth 
Amanda Williams 
Stefanie Williams 

Nicholas Zappala 

Nicole Allan 

Stephanie Baima 

John Baldwin 

Anthony Barbuzzi 

Katelyn Barcellos 

Rosalie Barrera 

Thomas Barron 

Thomas Barry 

John Bayrouty 

Melinda Bergeron 

Matthew Bibeau 

Elizabeth Boland 

Evan Borseti 

Michael Bravoco 

Evan Brennan 

Alphonso Brewer 

Sara Briggs 

Matthew Brooks 

Kristyn Brophy 

Alyssa Brown 

Alanna Brush 

Nina Burke 

Craig Bush 

Michael Cabral 

Tyler Calway 

Lauren Camillieri 

Anthony Capone 

Kevin Carter 

Patrick Cassidy 

Michelle Catania 

Christa Cavallaro 

Marissa Chase 

Bethany Chisholm 

Kimberly Ciampa 

Louis Cimaglia V 

Amanda Ciulla 

Lindsay Clark 

Nathaniel Clarkin 

Hala Clough 

Michael Cohen 

Kathryn Cole 

Gabrielle Collins 

Michael Condell 
Brian Connelly 
Robert Cook 
Trevor Cormier 
Alison Corwin 
Jesslyn Covino 


1^3* f* 

Jessica Crowley 
William Crowley Jr 
Timothy Cushing 
Scott Dacko 
Tom Darragh 
Akshay Dave 

Tiffanie Davis 
Matthew Derian 
Justin DeRosa 
Kristen Diaz 
Jenna DiGirolamo 
Leah Dinatale 

HmfHHH «WllillllllilllllBB—Mi 

Jennifer DiNuccio 
Brendan Doherty 
Andrew Donovan 
Alan Dooley 
Johnathan Dubord 
Nicole Engrem 

Jill Ennis 
Michael Enwright 
Grant Evans 
Zachary Fahey 
Nicholas Farnsworth 
Sean Fay 

Nicole Feeney 
Judy Ferrara 
Alison Figucia 
Matthew Figueiredo 
Danielle Fiorentino 
Kevin Fitzpatrick 

Kelly Flood 
Brendan Foley 
Joseph Foley 
Timothy Forte 
Jillian Fortuna 
Kathryn Fraser 

Lauren Frissore 
Katelyn Gallant 
Antar George 
Korinne Ghafari 
Jennifer Gilardi 
Casey Godzyk 

Andrew Goossens 
Corey Groves 
Rachel Haggerty 
James Ham 
Bethany Hanson 
Kayla Hanson 


Josh Himmel 

Lauren Hitchins 

Stacey Hoang 

Chris Holland 

Nicholas Jannone 

Michael Jensen 

Kenneth Joyce Jr 

Leia Kaplan 

Justin Kaufman 

Ashley Kealos 

Megan Keane 

Andria Keating 

Brianne Kelly 

Jonathan Kincaid 

Taylor Kindred 

Paula Komg 

Daniel Kosuk 

Stephanie Lancione 

Brooke Langone 

Ashley Lanpher 

Christopher Lavin 

Carlton : Lentini 

Michael Leonardo 

Christopher Lesnik 

Anthony Liberatore 

William Liston 

Keith Little 

Susan Livermore 

Justyn Loguidice 

Justin Loranger 

unanda Lord 

Kyle Lunt 

John Lyons 

Nicole Maccarone 

Lindsay MacDougall 

Colleen Magee 

Tara Maguire 

Ashley Mahoney 

Sean Mahoney 

Andrew Marra 

Steven Marsh 

Rosa Mazzeo 

Jessica McBride 

Daniel McCarthy 

Shannon McCarthy 

Aaron McCue 

John McGowan 

Cara McGuire 

Mickayla McMillan 
Tatum McNally 
Aleena Melkonian 
Natalie Melkonian 
Ernest Mello 
Shannon Metcalfe 

Danielle Miles 
Andrea Mitchell 
Michael Mondi 
Kyle Moon 
Christina Moretti 
Beth Morris 

Erin Muise 
Jacqueline Mullens 
Julie Murphy 
Kerri Murphy 
Krista Murphy 
Sean Murphy 

Andrew Nelson 
Karen Nguyen 
Kathleen Nguyen 
Kimberly Nichols 
Alyssa Nieman 
Nicole Nihan 

John Obrien 
Kristen Obrien 
Lauren Obrien 
Andrew Oglesby 
Blaine Oleary 
Lynne Olson 

Jennifer Oneill 
Jacob Osgood 
Kristin Ozelis 
Vincent Papageorgiou 
Michael Papalegis 
Jennifer Paris 

Nathan Pereira 
Timothy Perkins 
Maryellen Perry 
Jennifer Petinge 
Michelle Phillips 
Melanie Pickett 

Melissa Pijoan 
Michael Pizzotti 
Joseph Polcari 
Leah Potcner 
Nicholas Powers 
Lorena Prinzivalli 


Alexandra Prochorski 

Christopher Rastellini 

Nicole Reed 

Alexandra Reilly 

Brian Riley 

Gina Rizzo 

Krystal Robarge 

Michael Robarge 

Nicholas Robarge 

Brett Robbins 

Nicole Santangelo 

Stephanie Sauve 

Lisa Sawatdee 

Mitchell Sawlivich 

Charles Schneckloth 

Alicia Schuurman 

Justin Schuurman 

Eric Siegel 

Noelle Silsbee 

Edward Silva 

Nichole Simbeck 

Amy Sinclair 

Kevin Skinner 
Ryan Smiddy 

Amelia Smith 

Alexander Solon 

Samantha Souza 

JadeMarie Spada 

Sarah Squeglia 

William Starratt 

Francis Stevens 
Katherine Stevenson 
Jessica Stira 
Kathryn Stone 
Jaclyn Sugrue 
Brian Sullivan 

Ryan Sullivan 

Renee Surprenant 

Brian Svensson 

Victoria Tanzella 

Ashley Taylor 

Casandra Taylor 

Nigel Thorpe 

Corey Tobin 

Peter Tummino 

Sarah Turner 

Andrew Valente 

Balakrishna Vemula 


Andrew Volpe 
Charles Waitt 
Kayla Ward 
William Wareham IV 
Ryan Webster-Sawyer 
Lauren Westerberg 

Alelia Whalen 
Max Wilkins 
Matthew Williams 
Brittany Winchell 
Brittanni Winn 
Cameron Woodbury 

Kathryn Abell 

Kristi Adley 

Melissa Amato 

Brandon Anderson 

Tristan Anderson 

Kayla Beaudin 

Richard Belding 

Stephanie Benson 

Ericka Beraldi 

Ruth Blaisdell 

Nicole Bockus 

Nicole Bonaccolto 

Scott Bonica 

Scott Bonish 

Patrick Boyle 

Ryan Breslin 

Ashlee Bresnahan 

Breyanna Brewer 

Briana Brown 

Michelle Brown 

Kristen Browne 

Molly Brule 

Kendra Burke 

Jamie Burns 

Brittney Cain 

Joseph Castiglia 

Andrew Cazeau 

Joseph Cerbone 

Elizabeth Chin 

Michael Chiricosta 

Amanda Church 

Ivy Co 

Ashley Coates 

Nicole Coccoluto 

Allison Collins 

Leonard Colometo 

Christopher Colosimo 
Ashleigh Connaghan 
Erin Conway 
Erin Copeland 
Valeri Crampton 
Shawn Crosby 

Erin Crowley 
Elizabeth Crupi 
James Cummings 
Peter Cushing 
Kayla DArcangelo 
Philip DArcangelo 

Dinelson Delacruz 
Daniel Delllsola 
Mark DelRossi 
Gabrielle Dentremont 
Michael DeNufrio 
Ronsard Desrosiers 

Jose Diaz 
Dawn DiCicco 
Daniel Dinh 
James DiNuccio 
Amanda Donahue 
Stephen Doucette 

Ethan Downs 
Kimberly Evans 
Arianna Faro 
Rachel Faulkner 
Michael Faustino 
Jenelle Femino 

Rachel Ferraro 
Carla Figucia 
Kevin Flanagan 
Samantha Fletcher 
Robert Folk 
Lindsay Garrard 

Mark Geanakakis 
Lauren Genovese 
Joseph Gettler 
Daniel Giamberardino 
Emily Gilson 
Jamie Gingras 

Joseph Giorlando 
Kayla Godding 
David Golden 
Julie Gorman 
Laurence Gormley 
Matthew Hachey 

Ashley Haigh 
Mary Hall 
Dillon Halliday 
Kerry Hanafin 
Jared Hayes 
Nicholas Hayes 

Adrienne Heenan 
Samantha Herra 
Jordan Higgs 
Matthew Hogan 
Donald Holbert 
Kayla Howland 





Daniel Hunt 

Bradford Jackson II 

Charlotte Jensen 

Shannon Jones 

Colleen Kennedy 

Ryan Kennedy 

Jennifer Kerins 

Matthew Kincaid 

Timothy Korajczyk 

Cory Kulacz 

Tara LeBlanc 

James Leverone 

Eric Lunt 

Alessandra Lyman 

Colin MacDonald 

Russell MacDonald 

Angela Maglione 

Hillary Mahoney 

Melissa Mahoney 
Jacquelyn Mailey 
Thomas Maio 
Daniel Malonson 
Michael Manganelli 
Laurieann Mansir 

Matthew Maravelis 

Anthony Marinella 

Caitlin Martins 

Mario Martins 

Cory Mason 

Stephen McDonald 

Andrew McGrath 

Kelsea McGuire 

Erin McMahon 

Theresa McMahon 

Arianna Meixler 

Craig Melillo 

Melissa Mello 

Kayla Merola 

Melissa Merola 

Nicholas Monteforte 

Dean Moran 

Amanda Morgan 

Anthony Morlani 

Donald Morse 

Meghan Mulrenan 

Brendan Murphy 

Devon Murphy 

Lauren Nasiff 

Alicia Nazzaro 
Anthony Nelson 
Paxton Nicholas 
Anthony Nihan 
Shannon O'Donoghue 
Jessen O'Leary 

Carmen Palumbo 
Nira Pandya 
Vyctoria Pantano 
Ryan Parker 
Jonathan Parrella 
Eric Parsons 

Erica Patton 
Jason Pereira 
Samantha Perkins 
Jared Peters 
Emily Pothier 
Katelyn Ray 

Dylan Reed 
Michael Reed 
Josalyne Resendes 
Holly Reynolds 
Catherine Riley 
Kaitlyn Riley 

Meaghan Ritson 
Amanda Robichaud 
Lisa Rooker 
Alexandria Rose 
Natalie Russo 
Nicholas Russo 

Shelbi Rygiel 
Andrea Sanderson 
Camille Santana 
Alanmichael Santos 
Corinne Sartoris 
Sheila Scanlan 

Michael Scola 
Ryan Searles 
Jonathan See 
Kyle Serino 
Michael Sheerin 
Courtney Shelten 

Edward Sheridan 
Nicole Sheridan 
Lorraine Simoneau 
Miranda Simpson 
Frank Sorrentino 
Annemarie Souza 


Jennell Spatola 
Jonathan Spun- 
Mike Stan- 
Joshua Steeves 
Stephen Stewart 
Steve Sughrue 

Erica Sullivan 

Matthew Sullivan 

Sean Tavares 

Paige Thebeau 

Christopher Thibault 

Ryan Townsend 

Danielle Underwood 

Kenneth Vassallo 

Anthony Vibert Jr 

Nicole Vigneau 

Leejoan Villafuerte 

Devon Waite 

David Wang 
Lauren Waring 
Jennifer Weber 
Michelle White 
Kaila Whooley 
Brian Williams 

icholas Williams 

Colin Wilson 

Stephanie Woods 

Maureen Worthington 

Allison Yee 




No Photo 



Class of 2007: Brittany Collins, Kyle Joyce, Christopher Lyon, Charlene 
Nardone, Andrew Strathman, Tyler Summers, Jon Tranfaglia, Maria Tucker, 
and Melissa Whittington 

Class of 2008: Michelle Rocco and Michael Stan- 

Class of 2009: Yusef Bhatti, Darren Case, Rocco Danieli, Jennifer Dorothy, 
John Fahey, Ryan Fields, Brian Flynn, Jeff Francois, Chantaul Jacobs, Eric 
Kenney, Jessica Lavigne, John Michaud, Amanda Reis, and Anthony 

^^_^ ■■ "^ ?^5 

$8 ' . 



P-*f5»^tlf j& 

|tj^i' * r^ ^b 

liHft / ^^ 



Sir ,/s 



A -a- 

1 1^ \i 






V&llei^all - G&lft - WreMfaf - Beaked all - Hockey - Winter Track 


Coming off an 11-1 season, our Cape Ann League Champions 
were expected to hold high expectations. They started off with a 
roaring winning streak with 6-0, and with only a few upsets, the 
boys had an impressive season of 9-2. The team's senior 
captains, Steve Downs, Joe Herra, Zack Mayo, and Matt Marden, 
were some of the best captains Wilmington High School has 
seen. Along with Mike Fields, Mike Haepers, Nick Hogan, Nick 
Manent, Connor Moroney, Sean Murphy, and Ryan Olivieri, this 
was the best class that Wilmington High School has seen in years 
with a combined record of 20-3. The team had many victories 
including Masco and Tewksbury, who they beat for the third time 
in a row )a feat which has not happened since 1963). This was 
also the only class to head to the playoffs since 1976. These 
boys will forever remember their junior and senior years of 
Wilmington High School Football. 

K. Adams, J. Baldwin, M. Barry, R. Barry, T. Barry, E. Borseti, K. Borseti, S. 
Branfield, K. Carter, P. Cassidy, K. Cavanaugh, L. Cimaglia, N. Clarkin, S. Cruz, B. 
DeMango, S. Downs, M. Enwright, S. Fahey, Z. Fahey, M. Fields, A. George, C. 
Groves, M. Haepers, J. Herra, N. Hogan, C. Holland, R. Jones, K. Joyce, J. Kincaid, 
M. Larffarello, B. Liston, R. Loring, K. Lunt, J. Lyons, N. Manent, M. Marden, Z. 
Mayo, E. Mello, N. Mercer, P. Mingella, K. Moon, C. Moroney, S. Murphy, R. 
Olivieri, M. Pizzotti, C. Rastellini, V. See, J. Smith, M. Sorrentino, G. Stewart, N. 
Underwood, K. Wayshville, and M. Williams 

w '^B^^^W ■( 














N. Reading 














N. Andover 







^ ifpC* 

While enjoying a fun-filled football season, the 
cheerleaders were once again Cape Ann League 
Champions. With that accomplishment they qualified for 
the North Regional Championship and placed second and 
qualified for the State Championship. At states they were 
awarded second place as well as a bid for Nationals. The 
second place finish at the state level was the highest 
accomplishment to date for any WHS cheering team. 

The team was led by senior captains Amy Butters, Brittany 
Collins and Charisse Marchesi. The recipient of the 
All-Star Award for the football cheering season was 
Brittani Winn. 

N. Allan, A. Butters, K. Ciampa, A. Ciulla, J. Ciulla, B. Collins, J. Crowley, K. 
D'Arcangelo, K. Fraser, K. Gallant, S. Jones, T. LeBlanc, C. Marchesi, K. Riley, G. 
Rizzo, A. Sinclair, M. Sorrentino, S. Suave, V. Tanzella, K. Ward, J. Welch, and B. 





A. ? 

1 i 


% M 


The girls' soccer team had many returning varsity 
player for the 2005 season. The team had eleven 
seniors and was led by captains Kat Strazzere, Kim 
Gentile, and Karla Ellis. The girls came up with key 
victories against Masconomet and Tewksbury. The 
overall record for the girls soccer team was 9-9-2. 
They qualified for the state tournament and made it in 
two games, including a huge victory over Gloucester 
in the first round, winning the game in penalty shots. 

D. Bamberg, A. Bibeau, N. Bockus, B. Bozzella, A. Browne, S. Canning, K. Cole, J. 
Comer, L. DelRossi, T. Duffy, K. Ellis, K. Gentile, C Jensen, C Kennedy, A. Lacey, 
T. Martinello, J. Mello, A. Murray, A. Poirier, N. Prinzivalli, K. Silvia, A. Stone, K. 
Strazzere, A. Warnick 








N. Reading 







N. Reading 





N. Andover 
























This year, the boys' soccer team had 10 wins, 5 losses, and 3 ties. 
They made it to the state tournament where the won the first 
game and lost the second. The team was led by Senior Stephen 
Potcner, who set a Wilmington High School single season record 
wtih 27 goals. He led the league and was named to the All 
Conference, Eastern Mass. and All State team. Senior Captain 
Brian Sullivan was the key to the defense, playing stopper and 
was a great leader on and off the field. Sullivan was named to 
the all-star team, as well as Senior Captain PJ Russo. Many of 
the underclassmen stepped it up during the season, like 
mid-fielders Matt Figuerido and Mike Condell. Vinny 
Papageorgio, who could be the most talented goalie the team has 
had, played a key role in the team's success this season. 

M. Auciello, C. Azevedo, J. Belding, A. Chalmers, T. Collins, M. Condell, C. 
Definis, B. Doherty, M. Earls, M. Figueiredo, N. Gustin, T. Karalekas, C. Lentini, V. 
Papageorgiou, J. Perreira, J. Polcari, S. Potcner, N. Robarge, P. Russo, B. Sullivan, 
and B. Wilson 



N. Reading 















N. Reading 



N. Andover 































N. Reading 






N. Andover 















N. Andover 


N. Reading 











The field hockey team put in a lot of effort this year. 
Captains Jackie Moran, Kate Roberts, and Kellie 
Farrell led the team. The new group of girls worked 
hard to have a good season, although most of the girls 
on the team were new to playing at the varsity level. 
The team's overall record was 1-18-0. Despite the 
lack of wins, the team had a fun season and enjoyed 
playing together. 

S. Bramantecohen, D. Carroll, C. Cassim, M. Coyne, C Doherty, K. Farrell, A. 
Fisher, R. Haggerty, J. Ham, J. Maio, K. McGrath, J. Moran, D. Robarge, K. Roberts, 
C Sheerin, A. Sullivan, and B. Zolt 



N. Andover 












N. Reading 















N. Andover 














^Br ^SJh aft' H 

I * 

jl Ml. *^ 

-'• J ; ! ■ 


15 1 Jl 


For the 2005 Wilmington Boys Cross Country team, 
led by Tom Miele, record does not reflect work. 
Although they went 4-8, the team worked extremely 
hard. With eight seniors, they kept morale high while 
running an average of four miles at each practice. 

i ■ ::■.■ '■■',■ 



^B *~ a 

wwnBaitil' 1 jj 


7 ifei^o'- 1 



1 D 



N. Reading 












N. Andover 






















.-I:*, ■ 


The girls' cross country team had a fabulous season. 
Although they only won one meet, everyone 
improved. Led by team captain Natalie Russo, the 
other team members included Ivy Co, Megan Keane, 
Lauren Hitchens, and Lauren Waring. Everyone had a 
great season, improved their times, and most 
importantly had fun. 

I. Co, M. Keane, A. Robichaud, N. Russo, L. Simoneau, and L. Waring 



N. Reading 












N. Andover 







































N. Andover 






N. Reading 













Wilmington Wildcat Wrestling has had a very successful season 
this year, with a 15-6 record and losing only one CAL Dual meet. 
We also took 2nd at the Haverhill Invitational, 2nd at the Mt. 
Anthony tournament, and 4th out of 23 at the Framingham 
holiday tournament. Some highlights of the year include Nathan 
Clapp's 112 lbs CAL title and Captains Evan Walsh and Mike 
Sorentino reaching the 100 wins mark. We also hosted the 
Division 3 sectionals this year, where we put 5 wrestlers in the 
finals and ended up with 2 first places by Nathan Clapp and Evan 
Walsh. Wilmington also put 6 people in the Mt. Anthony finals, 
where freshman Stevie Sughrue won at 96 lbs. Wilmington also 
placed 1 wrestlers at the CAL tourney. It was a great year, and 
it wouldn't have been possible without our seniors: Dan Hall, 
Nick Gustin, Nate Clapp, Brian Wilson, Jon Kelly (capt), Mike 
Sorrentino (capt.), and Evan Walsh (capt.). 

B. Abbott, K. Adams, N. Clapp, B. Connolly, J. Cummings, B. Flynn, N. Gustin, C. 
Hall, D. Hall, D. Halliday, K. Joyce, J. Kelly, B. Liston, N. Mercer, M. Mondi, S. 
Murphy, C. Schneckloth, A. Solon, M. Sorrentino, S. Sousa, J. Steeves, S. Sughrue, 
B. Sullivan, M. Sullivan, T. Summers, J. Tranfaglia, E. Walsh, K. Wayshville, B. 
Wilson, and C. Wilson 




«, ^0&** 


The 2005-2006 boys basketball team had another successful 
season. This year's team posted a record of 17-3 overall. The 
boys were able to put together a 15-1 record against CAL 
opponents on their way to win their fifth straight CAL 
championship. This year's team included six returning seniors, 
five juniors, and three sophomores. Its two captains Sean 
Murphy and Joe Herra led this year's team. Herra, along with 
fellow senior and three-year varsity player Brian Caira, was 
named to the All-League team. At 17-3, the boys matched the 
best regular season record in school history. This year was fun to 
watch for the fans as the boys put together a great season. 
Impressive wins this season came against Ipswich on the road, 
North Andover at home, and Masconomet twice. The Wildcats 
were also able to beat rival Tewksbury twice during the season. 

■.■■ .■■■■■■. 

fe»il#ife l ] £ ?7d ; 

M. Bibeau, M. Brooks, B. Caira, S. Fahey, Z. Fahey, J. Herra, T. Miele, S. Murphy, 
J. Olivere, A. Otovic, D. Patterson, P. Rastellini, G. Stewart, and M. Thomas 





n i' 



< J 

■ -i"V 

\ 1 




The Girls' Basketball team returned this season with 
many former varsity players. The two captains, 
Alyssa Bibeau and Courtney Browne, along with 
Alicia Murray and Ashley Poirier were the team's 
veteran seniors. The seniors held the team together 
and as a result this was a successful season. The team 
was top in the league with key victories against 
Lynnfield and North Andover twice. The girls also 
won the Watertown Tournament over winter break. 
With their great season record, the team qualified for 
States. With great players, the girls should finish the 
season with a bang! 

t ;,il:.i.r,:l(,,. j |;'. ;\U 111151 Wf . | 

'feoffs y 

A. Bibeau, B. Bozzella, A. Brown, C. Browne, K. Cole, L. Hitchins, A. Murray, A. 
Poirier, S. Souza, S. Suave, K. Sullivan, A. Vitale, and B. Winchell 





The Wilmington High School Boys Varsity Hockey 
team, coming off a disappointing non-tournament 
finish from last year, turned it around this year for a 
successful season. Led by Senior Dan Tobin with 
assistance from Dave Griffin and Zach Church, the 
Cats finished off the regular season, guaranteed a seed 
in the state tournament. Their hard work and 
commitment, along with strict guidance and support 
from Head Coach Steve Scanlon and Assistant 
Coaches Chip Bruce and Jay Dango, allowed them to 
overcome pre-season speculation and finished with a 
satisfying record. 

G. Boudreau, M. Cabral, Z. Church, Z. Ciampa, T. Cushing, S. Dunnett, M. Enright, 
K. Fitzpatrick, K. Flanagan, S. Foley, A. Goosens, D. Griffin, K. Irwin, M. Jensen, B. 
Kelley, E. Mello, B. Schultes, E. Siegal, D. Tobin, and M. Wilkins 

The Girls' Hockey team has come a long way since 
the days they were merely a club team. This was a 
rebuilding year, having lost several seniors from last 
season. The two senior captains, Erin Magee and 
Melissa Bianchi of North Reading, along with seniors 
Brittany Zolt and Katelyn Lynch were able to pull this 
young team together. With their usual early morning 
practices at Ristuccia, the team came up with several 
victories against Marblehead. For the third year in a 
row, the team qualified for states. With the team's 
continuous effort, it should be a season everyone is 
proud of. 

S. Alonardo, M. Bianchi, F. Gately, K. Howland, L. Heenan, K. Lussier, K. Lynch, 
C. Magee, E. Magee, T. McMahon, K. McNally, K. Moulton, A. Nazzaro, M. 
Pescatore, M. Pickett, K. Ray, J. Scioli, K. Souza, D. Tenaglia, M. Tucker, A. Valari, 
A. Woodbury, and B. Zolt 


The 2005-2006 season was a great one for the Wilmington High 
School indoor track team. The team improved their record to 
4-3-1 and qualified three people and two relay teams for the state 
meet. Key contributors to the success of the season include Mike 
Stewart in the hurdles, Brad Colegrove in the 50 yard dash, PJ 
Russo in the 2-mile, Mike Condell in the 300, Tony Karalekas in 
the 600, Alex Chalmers in the 1000, Buddy Gormley in the mile, 
Mike Golden in the 600 and high jump, and Will Nieman and 
Matt Marden in the shot put. Highlights from this season include 
the addition of freshman Buddy Gormley and Bobby Folk who 
both excel at the mile and PJ Russo's excellent adjustment from 
the 1000 to the 2-mile. 

^-iV 1 ' 1 ^ 

S. Beek, C. Bush, A. Caira, T. Calway, A. Capone, A. Chalmers, N. Clarkin, B. 
Colegrove, T. Collins, M. Condell, C. Crosby, J. Diaz, J. DiNuccio, A. Dooley, R. 
Dooley, B. Foley, B. Folk, R. Fudge, D. Golden, M. Golden, B. Gormley, D. Hunt, 
N. Jannone, T. Karalekas, J. Kaufman, T. Korajczyk, J. Lippiello, C. Lyon, R. 
MacDonald, S. MacPherson, T. Maio, M. Marden, A. Marfleet, A. Marra, C. 
Moroney, T. Nelson, W. Nieman, Sam Oglesby, Scott Oglesby, M. Olson, E. 
Parsons, J. Peters, K. Robillard, M. Robinson, E. Russo, P. Russo, E. Silva, M. 
Stewart, and A. Valente 

Girls Winter Track enjoyed a successful season with 
many girls achieving personal bests in their events and 
several girls qualifying for CAL and States. 
Tri-Captains Adrienne Fisher, Jen Comer, and Jackie 
Mello helped the winter team to an improved record of 
3-7. Top performers, who qualified for CAL or states, 
included Seniors Jackie Mello, Jen Comer, Nadia 
Prinzivalli, Amber Warnick, Juniors Kim Silvia, 
Taryn Martinello, Sophomores Stephanie Baima, Leah 
Potcner, and Freshman Carmen Palumbo, Natalie 
Ruso, Liz Chin, and Charlotte Jensen. 

S. Baima, D. Bamberg, E. Chin, J. Comer, E. Conway, E. Copeland, K. Diaz, J. 
DiNuccio, A. Fisher, M. Hall, K. Hanson, C. Jensen, L. Kaplan, M. Keane, T. 
Kindred, A. Lacey, S. Livermore, A. Maglione, T. Martinello, E. McMahon, J. Mello, 
D. Miles, A Mitchell, K. Murphy, A. Nieman, K. Ozelis, C Palumbo, C. Parsons, L. 
Potcner, L. Prinzivalli, N. Prinzivalli, N. Russo, K. Silvia, A. Taylor, S. Turner, L. 
Waring, and A. Warnick 







^tudent Council 
Rational ^fonor Society 

c R^tary interact 
^Academic Ttecatblon 
Science Qub 
<^Math £eague 
Qbess Qub 
foreign language Qub 
zMocl Trial 
Ttebate Qub 

Bread and looses 

^Medical (Careers Qub 

Qay Straight ^Alliance 

Qub WZf£ 




T>ance, Trance c R^polution 

T)rama Qub 

3f£. Qborus 


£tudent Ttefyresentatfoes to the 

School Qmmittee 

Qass 0/2006 - Qass Officers 

Qass of 2007 - Qass Officers 

Qass of 2008 - Qass Officers 

Qass of 2009 - Qass Officers 

■ ■ I. . 

■ i - . ■ 



DECA is an organization held throughout 
the country for high school students. This 
organization helps students who are 
planning on entering into the marketing and 
management field. DECA members 
participate in state and national wide 
competitions during the school year. 


V m 


Club W.H.S. 

Club W.H.S. is an organization within the 
High School that helps tie together the 
school community and the town of 
Wilmington. Throughout the year, members 
of this organization work together with the 
town on community service projects. 

Medical Careers 

Medical Careers Club is an organization that 
helps introduce high school students to 
different careers and opportunities in the 
medical field. Members of this club also 
participate in different events and 
community service projects. 









Expressions Literary Magazine is a 
published every spring. The magazine is a 
collection of high school student produced 
art, poetry, and fiction. The magazine is 
produced by the students for the students. 
Students also help in the developing and 
designing of the magazine. 


Yearbook is a group of students and a 
teacher advisor that work together to create 
the 2005-2006 yearbook. This year, 
students work on-line to create the layout 
pages of the yearbook. The yearbook 
includes major events from the previous 
spring and current fall and winter terms. 
Along with the yearbook, members of this 
club help to create the CD supplement that 
contains all the spring activites, including 
Senior Prom, Lock-In, and Graduation. 

Wildcat News 

The Wildcat News is Wilmington High 
School's student produced newspaper. The 
School Improvement Council helps to 
produce a newspaper with a variety of 
articles written by students. Articles include 
interviews with teachers, recaps of sporting 
events, current events, and reviews of 
books and movies. 


Gay Straight 

The Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA, is an 
organization committed to educating the 
school community on diversity. GSA works 
to eliminate harassment and discrimination 
against all types of people within the school 
community. GSA is working to create a safe 
school environment in which no one has to 
hide who they are. 


^Student Against Destructive Decisions, 
S.A.D.D., is an organization, which 

i encourages teens not to drink and drive. 
S.A.D.D. members learn from members of 
different organizations including Alcoholics 
Anonymous and the Wilmington Police 
Department. S.A.D.D. members also 
participate in numerous community service 
projects throughout the school year. 

Math League 

Wilmington High School Math League 
members compete in monthly tests. Math 
League takes place the first or second 
Tuesday of every month. Meetings consist 
of members being given a test containing six 
questions that they have to complete in an 
allotted amount of time. 



I \ ■ 3*1 ■ 

Student Council 

Student Council is a group of students 
including class officers, the Student 
Advisory representatives to the State Board 
of Education, and the Student School 
Committee members. This council works 
together to coordinate school-sponsored 
activities and provides a forum for student 


Drama Club 

The Drama Club is for all students who 
love performing. Members of this club 
work on various projects, including 
decorating the teacher's lounge for 
Halloween and a night of one-act plays. 
The biggest production put on by the 
Drama Club is the yearly spring musical. 
This year's musical was The Wiz, the 
hip-hop version of The Wizard of Oz. 

National Honor 

National Honor Society is an organization 
held throughout the country. Members of 
the National Honor Society display 
intelligence, character, and commitment to 
service in the community. Members are 
inducted into the National Honor Society 
after being selected by the W.H.S. Faculty 
Council. Members participate in various 
community service projects throughout the 


Language Club 

The Foreign Language Club is a way for 
students to have cultural experiences outside 
the classroom. Students are introduced to 
cultures and languages other than the 
standard Spanish and French. Meetings 
often include cultural foods, films, games, 
and activites. 


The Wilmington High School Mentors are a 
group of Junior and Senior students who 
work to help the entering Freshmen. They 
show the entering freshmen around the 
High School before school begins, so they 
will not get lost on the first day of school. 
Throughout the year, they help them get 
used to their classes and life at the High 

Rotary Interact 

Rotary Interact is a world wide organization 
that sponsors service projects for teenagers. 
Members of this club plan, develop, and 
follow through with various community 
service projects throughout the community. 








Bread and Roses 

Bread and Roses is one of the most popular 
clubs at Wilmington High School. On the 
first Wednesday of every month, students 
bring in baked chicken, a desert, or a canned 
good. Some students bring in paper products, 
including paper towels and napkins. The 
items are collected and driven to a shelter in 

Dance, Dance 

Dance, Dance Revolution is based on the 
famous video game. The game has people 
following symbols on a screen and 
stomping on the same symbol on the floor 
mat. This club is a chance for students to 
gain hand eye coordination, and have a 
healthy workout. 

H.S. Chorus 

The Wilmington High School Chorus 
works very hard each year to perfect their 
singing talent. Throughout the year 
members of this club partake in various 
events, including the Winter Concert and 
singing carols at Christmas time. 






m sm Egg 


SoundScape is an after school singing group. 
Members of Sounsscape get together twice a 
week to work on different songs. Just like 
the Wilmington High School Chrous, 
members of Soundscape sing at different 
events, including the Winter concert. 

H.S. Marching 

• The Wilmington High School Marching 
Band works hard every year to perfect then 
playing. Many members of the Marching 
Band also play in the Wilmington High 
School Jazz Band. The Marching Band play 
in various events throughout the year, 
including pep rallies and football games. 
The Marching Band also played in the 
Main Street Parade in Disney World this 

H.S Strings 

The Wilmington High School Strings is 
another musical organization at the school. 
Members of this organization work very 
hard to perfect their skills by practicing and 
learning new material everyday. The 
Wilmington High School Strings plays at 
numerous events throughout the year, 
including the Winter Concert. 



The advisor, Mr. Riley leads this talented group 
of students compete in high schools across the 
state in challenges covering all academic areas. 

With its second year at WHS, the Science 
Club gives their students opportunity to 
expand knowledge outside the classroom. 

Mock Trial 

With Mr. Staffier has an advisor, Mock Trial 
helps the students see how the law, the court 
procedures, and the legal systems are handled in 
today's society. It also helps the students with 
their listening and speaking skills while in the 


No Photo 


Kathryn Abell, Jesse Belding, 
Josh Bodah, Colleen Carey, 
Danielle Chirichiello, Eric 
Cummings, Chris Giardina, 
Kristen Hartka, Gabrielle 
Hauray, Ryan Loring, Katelyn 
McFeeters, Nick Monteforte, 
Katie Nelson, Tim Perkins, Pat 
Schultz, Sarah Squeglia, Bill 
Wareham, Matt Williams 


to the School 

These five students were appointed by the 
administration to keep the school 
i committee informed. As chairman, Rich 
Hersom attends every meeting to be the 
voice for the student body. 

Debate Club 

With its growing number of students, the 
debate club is helping its students to 
become familiar with the concepts of a 
formal debate. The members show that they 
are logical and successful debators. 

Chess Club 

The Chess Club get together every week and 
have matches against each other. They are 
highly skilled students and enjoy being apart 
of a great club. 




s ■ 

Freshmen Officers 

President: Corinne Sartorios 
Vice President: Kenny Vasallo 
Secretary: Allison Yee 
Treasurer: Elizabeth Croupie 


President: Louis Cimaglia 
Vice President: Joe Foley 
Secretary: Lauren O'Brien 
Treasurer: Sarah Turner 


Junior Officers 

President: Danielle Bamberg 
Vice President: Christine Cassim 
Secretary: Cara Jenkins 
Treasurer: Stephanie Williams 

Senior Officers 

President: Rick Fudge 
Vice President: Conor Moroney 
Secretary: Andrew Fish 
Treasurer: Nicole Savoia 


' I 




: ■ "/ft*, 

*?B ST 

H \>*f* ■ l 








Rr 1 




' ^M ' ■ *"/jH 

L ^ 

*w \ 

p , V 



r ■ ■ " 


Xiffffif, $$\ffi/$i%$, 


IS' 7 vs *^i 


& L 

: 'k 






:>£, I 



3 • ! 


Brittany Marcou, Hilary Smith, Meredith Welch 

Sports Editors: 

Debbie Rooker, Cliff Hall, Blaine O'Leary, Matt 


Events Editors: 

Erica Frizol, Carolyn Gormley, Nicole Groom 

Candid Editors: 

Tanya Ciardi, Krista Murphy, Catherine Sheerin 

Clubs Editors: 

Caitlin Harrington, Briana Locke 

Sean MacPherson 


Nunzio DiBenedetto, Amanda Jackson 

General Staff: 

Beth Ananian, Katie Arsenault, Mike Auciello, 
Anthony Barbuzzi, Shiloh Bramantecohen, Kristen 
Breslin, Courtney Browne, Lauren Camillieri, Josh 
Cunha, Devin Dinatale, Dave Doucette, Jen 
Fitzgerald, Mike Fogarty, Kayla Fraser, Marcelline 
Gardner, Cynthia Gibbons, Devin Giroux, Brad 
Goldblatt, Ashlyn Hackert, Mike Haepers, Kristen 
Hartka, Kara Hurell, Angela Jackson, Jenn Liston, 
Erin Magee, Brian Martin, Zach Mayo, Lauren 
McDonagh, Devin Miller, Amanda Murree, Karen 
Nguyen, Amanda Nichols, Jessie Nolan, Andrew 
Otovic, Katelyn Roberts, Jessica Santos, Nichole 
Simbeck, Jackie Stokes, Sarah Terlaga, Brian 
Wilson, Brittany Zolt 

Special Thanks to Kevin Dillon of Jostens and Lisa 
Stone from Hilton Photography for all of their help 
and support with the production of this yearbook. 






Follow your 


We are so proud 

of you. 

Mom and family 

Katie, we are so very 

proud of you. You've 

worked hard to be where 


you are today. You've 

been such a joy to us and 

^L J| 

to others. Don't ever 

forget that. We will 

■ ' M 

always be here for you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Dave 


Kayla Fraser 

You've grown into a beautiful, sweet 

young lady. We're so very proud of you 

and hope your future is full of happiness 

and success. We love you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kristin and Kathryn 


Congratulations ! 
Hitch Your Wagon to a Star. 

-R. W. Emerson 
We're so very proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Ryan 



Amanda Murree 

From the day you were born until your last days of high school, 
your family has been so proud of your independence and the 
choices you have made and the choice you will continue to make 
throughout your life. 

With All Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Timothy and Dylan 


Brittany Renee Marcou 


You are Amazing! ! ! 

We are so proud of who you are 

and what you have already accomplished. 

The best is yet to come so 

enjoy every beat along the way! N 

Remember the Golden rule. 
Your beautiful spirit and positive energy 
will always bring joy to others and 
serve you well throughout life. 

We love you and will always be there for 


Your family! 






We are so proud of you! 


to the Class of 2006! 

Ellen & Jeff Kline 


It's been a joy since they day you were born. 

You have a great personality and a good head 

on your shoulders. Don't ever change. We are 

so proud of you. Our wish is for all your 

dreams to come true. Congratulations and 

thanks for the memories! 

Mom, Dad & Nick 


The most wonderful 
part of my life has 
been watching you 
grow into the young 
woman you have 
become. Believe in 
yourself, reach for 
your goals and 
follow your dreams. 




You are a triple threat on and off the court. 
You are a wonderful son, a great brother, and 
a terrific uncle. We are all proud of you. 
Congratulations on your graduation and good 
luck in everything you do. 


Mom, Dad, 
Angela and Michael 

Love you B-Bri! 


Erica Frizol 

Congratulations, Erica Leigh! 

We love you very much & are 

very proud of you! 

Be happy, be healthy! 

Love always, Dad and Kirsten 



Brian Wilson 


You have always made your own path 
to reach your goals. Continue to let your 
drive and determinations guide you 
through life. It's been great fun 
following you in high school. Thank 
you for "No Worries." 

We are very proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Colin, and Sean 




V Right from the moment you were born, you 
have brought such love and joy into our hearts 
and home that mere words cannot express what 
a special daughter and sister you are! Watching 
you grow from an angelic, happy baby to a 
wonderfully loving and beautiful woman has 
been our life's greatest blessing! Follow your 
heart and believe in yourself as we do and we 
know you'll be able to achieve anything you 
desire! Know that you have our never ending 
love and support no matter what! We are 
extremely proud of you and thank you for the 
countless ways you have continually enriched 
our lives! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Jared 


Congratulations, Jessl 


We are so very proud of you. Wishing you all the best 
and hope all your dreams come true. Above all, know 
that we will always be there for you. 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad & Chris 

Daniel Hall 

You have grown from an inquisitive chlid to an intelligent young man. We 
couldn't be prouder. We wish you a life full of great adventures. 



Mom & Dad 


! ; 

Daniel Tobin 


Dear Daniel, 

I 0^ 1 

You've been a lot of fun & 

Bk .^fl 

kept us laughing! We are so 

proud of the great person 

■*""' :- m 

you've become. Keep your 

strong values & that great 

sense of humor & you will go 

B^ftMlk "" ji*^^^ - 


|%/fjB( 4 1^1 

All our love, 

Wm' 3*^d? 

Mom & Dad 


Congratulations, Gagoo!! Good 

luck in college. We can't wait 

to visit you. 

We love you very much! 

Christian and Allison 

Congratulations! We're very proud of you. 
You have done so well over the past four years 
with your studies and sports. More 
importantly, you've been a wonderful role 
model for your younger siblings! Your future 
is bright. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Natty, Jake, Sydnee and Jordan 

Well, Katie, what a long road we have traveled together. 
You were met with many obstacles and challenges, but 
faced each one with strength and courage. Now, a new 
chapter in your life begins. It's time now to achieve your 
goals. Keep on shining like the star that you are. We are 
very proud of you. 



Good luck in 

Love ya, 
Mom, Dad & Eddie 


You've always been our 

little doll and will 

always be. 

Believe and you will 


Love always, 

Auntie Linda, Uncle Tom 

Jenn, Tom & Nick 

^^^ Nicole 

JMI^^PHL We are very proud of all 
Jj jjo your accomplishments. 
Jk\ 3| We hope all your dreams 
'~.~jmt% ■*■- ' Jf ^k come true. Stay happy 
'■:M^ '"^~~*/T' ^ and keep smiling. 

We love you! 
| Mom, Dad & Vinny 

Congratulations ! 

Erica, what a remarkable young 
lady. As you move on in life, be 
yourself & stay strong. 
Remember the goodtimes! 
(We've made it) I love you very 
much and wish you the best of 

Love, Mom 

Titlewinks-elf/boot/misfit-island/shopping/matching clothes. 



Alicia & Alyssa 

From adorable girls to incredible young 
women, you have made us so proud! 
Always follow your dreams. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Matt 
Love, Mom, Dad, Chris & Eric 

Congratulations Andy! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 

and Casey 



We want you to know that we are very proud of the remarkable 
young man you have become. Your easy going spirit and sense of 
humor have given us so many happy memories. 

We wish you the best, as you start your journey to fulfill your 
dreams. Most importantly, we wish you all the happiness in 
which ever path you choose. 

Best of Luck, 




A high school graduation is called commencement because 
it's the beginning of your college life where you will display 
your determination and diligence in choosing a career that 
will lead to your success in the future. 

i J^jff 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Peter 

Ashley Ricardo 

Time has passed so quickly. 

As you begin a new journey to fullfill your dreams, know we are 

so proud of who you are and all you have already accomplished. 



Dad, Mom and Nathan 



Jacquelyn Stokes, 

Where did the time go! We are 
so proud of you. You have always 
worked so hard and come so far. 
We love you very much, our baby 

Love always. 
Mom and Dad 

Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, 
feeling, and instinct, not by rule. This is a 
lesson that you have taught me. 
Congratulations on this accomplishment. I 
am so proud of you. Please... keep on 

Best of Luck 

to the 

Best of Friends 

Congratulations, Girls! 
Love, Your Parents 



We remember when she first got her wings 
And how she opened up that day 

she learned to sing 

Then the colors came, erased the 

black and white 

And her whole world changed 

when she realized 

She's a butterfly, pretty as the crimson sky 

Nothing's ever gonna bring her down 

And everywhere she goes 

Everybody knows she's so glad to be alive 

She's a butterfly 

Like the purest light in a darkened world 

So much hope inside such a lovely girl 

You should see her fly, it's almost magical 

It makes you wanna cry, she's so beautiful 

God bless our butterfly, 

give her the strength to fly 

Never let her wings touch the ground 


Mom and Dad 






We are very proud of you, and we love you very much. We're 
glad you enjoyed high school, and we know you will love college 
even more. 

You will always be our baby girl. Congratulations on a job well 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, and Joel 


Before you were born, I'd never would have guessed that 

I would be blessed with such a beautiful, special and 

thoughtful daughter. No words can describe the warm 

memories, the pride and the gratitude that comes from 

having a daughter like you. When you were little, I'd 

watch you play and you would smile at me in your own 

cute and charming way. As you grew up, I watched 

with pride how thoughtful and kind you were. You're 

always aware of the feelings of others. As you continue 

your journey through life, always remember to be true to 

the things that you believe in and be strong in your 

character. Not too many mothers can be as proud as I 

am of you. Love Always, Mom. 

To our dearest daughter Nicole, 

We love you and are very proud of you! 

Sparkle Baby! Sparkle! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Jenn Liston 

Congratulations ! 

We're so proud of you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Kim Gentile 

Congratulations, Kim! 

We are very proud of you and all you have 
become! You have brought so much joy 
and laughter into our lives. Love, laugh, 
dream big, and remember, we will always 
be there for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, & Alan 


M& m B^H 

ca&lln . . . 

w 1 ^ ^ii 

\^e ^e& sou 

fjr _ $f 

for an -that Jou once. w& 

for an «th3t 2fou are now 
and for aa-thafc 5ou 

-Sbnoedsy will i?e — 

2 precious 5i-P* 

a lovtDS Keat*fc 

3n4 a RessfnS •&> "$£ Uvas 

or ail ft£t corae, *t° Kt^w .you. 

we, tevejsou. 

and ave veiGi pj-otM of Jon I ^^ 

mom^J&J \Ti 


Briana Catherine Locke 

From the moment you were born 

you, brought us nothing but joy. 

From Kindergarten to High School, 

you've always made us proud. 


Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, and Mikayla 

'on^at(datiofu> c&Iom of £00&f 

fi/AP/Wide World PhotosS 




t-i gy ,j gi 


— 1 h| 

1 A 


I A 

yiohamflrf Messara'l 


• • 



■S IT ' 


"» »» *W 

e Headlines 

... ' ul 

MM 5 I . 

I22|,-; t ■'"" 

• Human Interest • Fashion 


Sr R. Caivaoo/AP/Wide World Photos 


lllniyii - Monies - Television - Music - Entertainment - Sports - Faces 



Mario Tama/Getty Images 




September 22, 2005 
P (I 





uciooer Z4, zuuo 

Mike Th. 

;'. < $> St 


i 25 Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida. 

Hurricanes ravage the Gulf Coast region in the fall of 2005, posing an unprecedented test of 
the United States federal emergency response efforts. Hundreds of lives are lost and thousands 
I are left homeless in the wake of Category 4 Hurricane Katrina, followed by Rita and Wilma. 
The tragedy spurs contributions of money, talents, homes, food and more in an attempt to 
raise spirits and rebuild the area. 

NOAA'AP/Widd World Pliote 


28 Mandatory evacuation of both New Orleans 
and Mississippi is ordered as Katrina becomes | 
a Category 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico. 

29 Downgraded to a Category 4 storm, Katrina 
hits land. 1.3 million homes and businesses 
lose electricity in Louisiana, Mississippi and 
Alabama. 30 levees are breeched, flooding 
New Orleans and leaving 100,000 people 
stranded. After slow government response, 
civil unrest and looting begins. 

31 President Bush surveys the damage. 


1 30,000 National Guard troops are deployed. 
Gas prices spike to as high as $5 per gallon. 

President Bush visits Louisiana and signs 
a $10.5 billion relief bill. Nearly 154,000 
evacuees arrive in Texas. 

The New Orleans Superdome is evacuated. 

President Bush and Congress pledge to 
investigate the flawed disaster response. 

Government-issued debit cards are 
distributed to evacuees. The program fails 
and is ended days later. 

\\l Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency 
Management Agency, resigns. Flooding is 
down to 50 percent in New Orleans. 

14 New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announces 
a phased repopulation plan. 

15 New Orleans begins to reopen. Katrina is named 
the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history. 

20 Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco 
declares a state of emergency as 
Hurricane Rita strengthens off the coast. 

22 Rita hits the Louisiana coast and heads 
for Texas. 

23 Thousands evacuate eastern Texas and the 
9th Ward of New Orleans floods once again 
after levees are overrun. 


H^-*—: T 

«..:«• '■**&, 

!-"■>"-' '' --jti- 

Thousands of Louisiana evacuees receive shelter and 
medical care in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. 



Anuria BooheiYAP/Wide World Pholos ■ 

FHfer ft , ^^ 

1 ^ 

I Damian/Dovarganes/AP/Wide BrJd Pholos^ 




< Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, 
President Bush and New Orleans Mayor Ray 
Nagin survey the damage in New Orleans. 

Many animals left behind duri 
evacuation are rescued and given 
shelter or reunited with their owners. 

r ^^CWM 

Irani 'I' 

■J* junk's q 

1 HI 

24 Hurricane Wilma hits southwest Florida. 

Homes across the country 
are opened to families left 
homeless in the wake of 
Hurricane Katrina. 

Thousands of volunteers help 
Habitat for Humanity rebuild 
homes in Louisiana, Mississippi 
and Alabama. 

Three months after Katrina 
strikes, the first New Orleans 
public school reopens on 
November 28. 

On October 15, Iraqi voters ratify a 
US-supported draft constitution that 
establishes a federal state. A second 
election, in December, creates the 
new government's first parliament. 

-*■ Several airlines declare 
bankruptcy due to huge fuel, 
labor and security costs. 
Passengers see fees for pillows, 
aisle seats and more as carriers 
seek new revenue sources. 

During rush hour on July 7, 
London is hit by terrorist 
attacks. Bombs strike one 
bus as well as the city's 
underground trains, leaving 56 
people dead and 700 injured. 

■*• John G. Roberts Jr. becomes 
the 17th Chief Justice of the 
United States Supreme Court 
following the death of William 

* Violence in Iraq continues to cost lives. Since the 
war began in March 2003, over 27,700 Iraqi civilians 
and 2,300 coalition troops have died, 

David Guttenfelder/AP/Wide World Photos 


k Gasoline prices surge in September 
before falling back to pre-hurricane 
levels. Major oil companies face 
federal questioning after revealing 
profits of over $35 billion during 
this period. 

► A devastating 7.6-magnitude 
earthquake hits the Kashmir 
region of Pakistan in October, 
killing 87,000 and leaving 
3.5 million homeless. 

In January 2006, Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn 
in as Liberia's president, 
making her Africa's first 
elected female leader. 

Vice President Dick Cheney's 
top aide I. Lewis "Scooter" 
Libby resigns after being 
indicted in October on criminal 
charges relating to the leaking 
of a CIA officer's identity. 

Despite his years of anti-gang 
advocacy while in prison, on 
December 13, former Crips 
gang leader Stanley "Tookie" 
Williams is executed by lethal 
injection for four 1979 murders. 

Methamphetamine use becomes a national 
crisis as meth-related crimes skyrocket on the 
West Coast and in the Midwest. Pharmacies 
remove pseudophedrine products from shelves 
in an effort to control meth production. 


n January 2, 2006, an explosion at the Sago Mine 
in Tallmansviile, West Virginia, traps 13 miners 
260 feet below the surface. Sadly, only one of the 
miners is pulled out alive. 


► In October, former Iraqi dictator Saddam 
Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad, pleading 
innocent to the murder and torture charges 
against him. 

*mw f ?. .:.:> ;- ; -...:■'.:.'■. 


' -';■•■:'- 






/ i 



Hoping to restart the peace 
process with the Palestinians, 
Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, 
an area it has occupied since 
the 1967 Six-Day War. 

Civil unrest rocks France as more than 
300 towns and suburbs explode with 
riots and arson. High unemployment, 
racial discrimination and rage are 
blamed for the outbreaks. 

▼ A global pandemic is feared as the avian 
flu claims 73 lives in Asia by the end of 
December and threatens to spread across 
the world. 


■ After seven years and 2.88 
billion miles, NASA's Stardust 
capsule returns to earth carrying 
dust particles from the tail of the 
comet Wild 2. Scientists believe 
the samples hold clues to the 
formation of the Solar System. 

f Sogdan Cristel/Reuters/Corbis I 

■*■ The American Dental Association 
cites bottled water and its lack of 
fluoride as a major contributing 
factor in the rise of tooth decay 
in children. 

According to recent research, 
chocolate can be a healthy 
treat thanks to its high content 
of ftavonoids, which help maintain 
good circulation and reduce 
blood clotting. 

T-V\ v »\» » 

HOC SM«>1M-60 



With Diluent 

440 mg 



Multi-dose Vial 



'ml ««■' 


La- mf °l 


|*" s <S,i>ft, M ,sco.CA«» 
LOT 43-36- 

A vaccine that may potentially fight recurring 
cancer cells is successfully tested on 14 
breast cancer survivors. It is hailed as the 
first step toward preventing the disease. 


-*■ The Sichuan Wolong Panda 
Protection and Breed Center in 
China deals with a baby boom — 
16 pandas, including five sets of 
twins, are born between July and 
November 2005. 

► In August, U.S. astronaut Stephen 
Robinson successfully completes 
an unprecedented emergency repair 
of the space shuttle Discovery while 
in orbit. 

Hikers scaling Mount Mendel 
Glacier in California discover 
the remains of Leo Mustonen, 
a World War II airman whose 
plane crashed in 1942. 

• U.S. scientist Gregory Olsen 
pays $20 million for a trip 
to the International Space 
Station aboard the Russian 
Soyuz spacecraft. 

The ruins of what may be the 
oldest Christian church, built 
in the third or fourth century 
A.D., are discovered on the 
grounds of Megiddo Prison in 
northern Israel in November. 


Anticipating the G8 summit in July, Bob Geldof 
organizes musicians for a series of concerts 
around the world to highlight the problem of 
global poverty. 


PLEASE CALL 587-6222 

4 In August, American anti-Iraq War activist Cindy Sheehan, 
whose son Casey was killed in action in 2003, holds an 
extended demonstration at a peace camp outside 
President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. 

Jell MitcheWRmiters/Undtf 


i Everywhere you look A From preppy to vintage looks, 
this year sparkle is in vests make a bold statement 

with teen girls. in the fall of 2005. 



Baylor/Everett Collection 


-\ *■■ 

■*■ Cowboy boots see a rise 
in popularity, and not just 
for line dancers and country 
music fans. 

OS, ■;.> 

I* \ 

-* The "hoodie" is a staple 
in most teens' wardrobes. 

► Blazers with a retro fit make a 
big splash on the fashion scene. 


■*" Flip-flops are considered a fashion necessity, not just casual footwear. 

#• j # 



A Style gets a 
dose of fun 
over formal 
with these 
unique fashion 

■ Shops that help you prepare 
meals to freeze, take home 
and cook offer a fun, quick 
and easy mealtime solution 
for busy moms. 

Pets receive the royal 
treatment with gourmet pet 
foods, available in upscale pet 
food shops, pet food bakeries 
and even ice cream parlors, 

Due to high gas prices, 
consumers opt for smaller 
cars with better gas mileage 
rather than gas-guzzling SUVs. 


The popularity of poker on television results 
in one of the biggest fads of the year — home 
Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. 

Iflf- <y R p^* 


y^/ 1 

WW tsttytt 

Vlll-ll.lhlf,.. . 



Podcasts, free broadcast-format audio files 
published to the internet and downloaded to 
iPods by subscription, are a hip way to keep 




f jmjr m 











s" blog 


Mvname»s3amesana«^ ; 

about me 

The new food pyramid recommends 
that kids eat more fruits, vegetables 
and whole grains than in the past, 
and exercise 30 to 60 minutes 
each day. 

Blogs become the biggest Web 
craze since the inception of 
the Internet thanks to sites like and 

Praised by critics and audiences alike, 
Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 
classic King Kong becomes a giant 
box-office success. 

Golden Globe Best Actress 
nominee Keira Knightley 
shines in the hit movie Pride 
and Prejudice, based on the 
1813 Jane Austen novel. 


■*■ Moviegoers rush to see March of 
the Penguins, a surprise hit 
documentary that follows a year in the 
life of a flock of Emperor penguins. 


*■ "The boy who lived" returns 
for more adventure in the 
fourth movie installment of 
the Harry Potter series, Harry 
Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

\ . 


The life of the late Johnny Cash is the basis 
of the Golden Globe-winning Walk the Line, 
starring Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix 
as Cash. 


Box-office profits are down 
in 2005, due in part to the 
trend of movie fans opting 
for the quick release of hit 
movies on DVD. 

► The beloved C.S. Lewis series 
comes to life on the big screen 
in Walt Disney's The Chronicles 
ofNarnia: The Lion, the Witch 
and the Wardrobe. 

Best Picture 

Academy Award 


Brokeback Mountain 



Good Night, and Good Luck 



i ..£'.''-' 

' fJfJMgj ■.;' : : .i\-'? 


female President of the United 
States in one of the year's 
best new shows, ABC's 
"Commander in Chief." 

Based on the childhood of 
comedian Chris Rock, UPN's 
"Everybody Hates Chris" is a hit. 

the rest of the staff at Seattle 
Grace Hospital achieve 
healthy ratings in ABC's 
"Grey's Anatomy." 

Viewers can't get enough of ABC's "Lost. 
The show earns a Golden Globe for Best 
TV Series Drama and spawns countless 
fan speculation sites. 

"0 NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection! 






M#sp£ ws^ 

*f/^s Si 






NBC finds a new hit comedy with the 
quirky story of a man in search of 
redemption, "My Name is Earl." 

< Surprisingly 
high DVD sales 
influence FOX to 
bring back the 
formerly canceled 
cult favorite 
"Family Guy." 

: 20th Cenlmv Fox 

ilm nnrn M mjliUi ii! ati umJ..'Courtesv Everett Collection 

\ y 

■ ■ , 

i America's No. 1 rated show for 
2005 is the CBS crime drama 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 

Choice Nominations 

lor Favorite Reality 

SOow competition 

, ear hactor (i\i u . 
"Survivor" (CBS) 

law— 1 





▼ Green Day tops off a career year 
with seven MTV Video Music Awards 
including Best Video of the Year 
for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." 

With Late Registration, Kanye 
West maintains his status as 
hip-hop's top dog, landing on 
top of Rolling Stone's Top 50 
Albums of 2005. 

* Reggaeton, which blends 
influences of hip-hop, Jamaican 
reggae and dancehall with Latin 
American bomba and plena, 
reaches its height in popularity 
in 2005. 

-*■ Seattle indie favorites Death 
Cab for Cutie break into the 
mainstream with the album 
Plans and "Directions," a 
series of 12 short films. 


Nintendo DS owners can now 
be virtual dog owners as well, 
thanks to the wildly popular 
Nintendogs series. 

-*■ J.K. Rowling releases yet 
another bona fide best-seller 
with Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince. 

The Star Wars franchise 
remains a juggernaut in the 
videogame industry with the 
winter release of Star Wars: 
Battlefront II. 

Gamers wait in line for hours to get their 
hands on the year's hottest holiday video 
game console, Microsoft's Xbox 360. 

i Music videos and TV shows 
are accessible on the go with 
the newest must-have item 
from Apple, the iPod with video. 

< The classic game 
of 20 Questions 
gets a makeover 
for 2005 with the 
artificial intelligence 
powered 20Q, 
one of this year's 
hottest toys. 


Sia^p^pwid^torld Ptotos 

■ In June, the San Antonio Spurs win the 2005 
NBA Championship over the Detroit Pistons 
in a thrilling seven-game Finals series. Spurs 
forward Tim Duncan wins MVP honors. 

* In February 2006, figure 
skater Sasha Cohen leads 
the U.S. Olympic Team into 
the XX Olympic Winter 
Games in Torino, Italy. 

Danica Patrick, 23-year-old 
race driver, wins Rookie of the 
Year honors in both the Indy 
Racing League's IndyCar 
Series and at the Indianapolis 
500, where she finishes fourth. 

*■ Citing conduct unbecoming 
to the team, the Philadelphia 
Eagles suspend wide receiver 
Terrell Owens for four games 
and deactivate him for the 
remainder of the NFL season. 

■*■ The Pittsburgh Steelers hold off the Seattle Seahawks 
for a 21-10 victory in Super Bowl XL. Future Hall of 
Famer Jerome "The Bus" Bettis retires after the game. 

NHL hockey returns in fall 2005 
after losing the entire '04-'05 
season to a labor dispute. Fans 
flock to see players in new 
uniforms and exciting innovations 
like tie-breaking shootouts. 

► Hawaiian golf phenom Michelle 
Wie turns professional on her 16th 
birthday and signs endorsements 
worth $10 million, making her 
one of the highest paid female 
athletes in the world. 

■ In November, WWE superstar 
Eddie Guerrero dies of heart 
failure. In 2004, Guerrero was 
only the second wrestler of 
Hispanic heritage to win the 
WWE championship. 

American Lance Armstrong 
wins his unprecedented 
seventh Tour de France in 
July. Armstrong then retires 
from competitive cycling. 

■*■ BMX superstar Dave Mirra wins 
the gold medal in the BMX Park 
Finals of X Games XI. 

Longhorns quarterback Vince Young 
leads Texas to a national championship 
with a dramatic 41-38 comeback victory 
over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. 




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.... /* a* 

After an 88-year wait, the Chicago White Sox win |f 
the 2005 World Series, sweeping the Houston s% 

Astros in four games. White Sox right fielder 
Jermaine Dye is named Series MVP. 





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'///// v 

4 Two-time champion Tony Stewart 
wins NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series 
and a record $13.6 million in 
winnings in 2005. Stewart's 
career Cup earnings now total 
over $48 million. 

Swiss tennis superstar Roger 
Federer wins two Grand Slam 
titles, at Wimbledon and the 
U.S. Open, along with all four 
ATP Masters Series events. 



Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks dies at 92 in 
Detroit/Parks' refusal in 1955 to give up her 
seat on an Alabama bus eventually led to laws 
desegregating public transportation nationally. 

Beloved "Gilligan's Island" 
funnyman Bob Denver dies 
of cancer at 70. Although only 
98 episodes of the popular 
sitcom were made, Denver was 
typecast as the nutty Gilligan 
his entire career. 

■*■ Kristin Cavallari, featured 
on the MTV reality show 
"Laguna Beach," becomes 
one of Hollywood's hottest 
young personalities. 

Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang 
shines in the lead role of 
Sayuri in the film adaptation 
of the acclaimed Arthur Golden 
novel Memoirs of a Geisha. 

-*- Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's 
"World News Tonight," dies of lung 
cancer in August. The popular TV 
journalist held the anchor position 
for 22 years. 

jostens ' 

Coretta Scott King, legendary 
civil rights advocate and 
widow of the Rev. Martin 
Luther King Jr., dies in 
January 2006. She was 78. 

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